My Tale from the Crib

The crib has always been a place where I knew my child was safe. It was a place where she could sleep and play and I didn’t have to worry. It was place where I could put her if she was getting too crazy, especially when she wanted to run up and down the stairs when I was trying to get stuff done. It was all that and a bag of chips until she learned how to use those little legs to climb.

We knew it was coming. We just thought we had a little more time before we had to bust out the toddler rail. Well, we were wrong. Let me set the scene for you. I’m sure many of you can relate. It was your typical Thursday night. I was getting my two-year-old and her four-year-old sister ready for the bath when they were running around like maniacs. I was trying to get everything ready for bath and bed as they were jumping around and climbing in and out of the tub. How annoying! Did I mention it was the end of an exhausting day and I just wanted to sleep? Frustrated and fried, I yelled for them to stop.  After no one listened to me for the tenth time, I decided to put my two-year old in her crib. At least she couldn’t go far there.

Yep, I was wrong. Five minutes later I walked in to find her with one leg over the side of the crib! Her other foot was off the mattress as her little arms pushed with all their might to catapult her to freedom. Luckily I walked in when I did!  I scooped her up to safety. The next day the big rail came down and the toddler rail went up.

I guess that little incident was her way of telling me she was over the crib (and the rail)!  I obviously didn’t have a baby monitor on during that little episode (although I probably should have). I thought we were over those days, guess I was wrong again! Perhaps if I had a cool monitoring device like Dropcam, I wouldn’t have been so surprised when I walked in the room. If you’ve had moments like mine or other “Tales from the Crib”, share them with Dropcam. They want to hear from you!