Monday’s Mommas: 2 Moms on a Train

It’s Monday. You’re probably running around making sure all the lunches and homework are packed. You probably had to peel at least one child out of bed. Another probably can’t find matching shoes or socks…that is until you find them, right where you told them they would be!

Yep, just another morning of motherhood. This week’s Monday’s Mommas, Sara & Kim from 2 Moms on a Train, know all about it. Check out their guest post!

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2 Moms on a Train, is a blog designed by 2 working moms, for all busy moms looking to read about everything they are thinking, but never want to admit. We also provide moms with usable information and expert advice that will help make their juggling lives that much easier, and more fun.  We call ourselves “2 MOMS ON A TRAIN” because we both spend a LOT of  time commuting to and from the office and hey, where else can you get uninterrupted, NO kids, alone time?!  It’s the perfect time to write;  which we both do, on iPhones, iPads, even a stray napkin or two  that’s been found in our pocketbooks! Check out our blog and our regular Train Mom Chat (#TMC) series where we interview celebrity and executive moms at and follow us @trainmoms on twitter.

Are you a “MOMGuyver”?

By Kim

So for those of you who remember the 1980’s (and sadly I do) you might remember a TV show called MacGyver.

In simplest terms MacGyver was a secret agent who would fight the “bad guys” using plain, everyday items.  For example, he’d make a gun using a pencil, a rubber band, and his shoelace.  Or he make a bomb to break down a door by using gum, a paper clip, and a can of soda… you get the picture, TOTALLY unrealistic, but he got the “bad guy” and saved the day, EVERY TIME!

Anyway,  the other day as I was packing up my bag to go to my son’s soccer practice, I realized that I myself am MacGyver…a “MOMGyver”!   No, not that I am exactly fighting off “bad guys”, BUT I am fully prepared to SAVE the day when needed. ( And most days I do!)

For example: I have band aids available for any cut, scrape, or gash that might occur, BUT did you know that very same band-air could be used as tape for when our team soccer sign starts to fall apart? (In case you were wondering stickers do the job nicely too; and YES I have those in my bag as well!)

And it’s not just for soccer days. I always wear hair ties around my wrist (at least two, if not more) But did you know that a hair tie can be used as a belt? Over the summer when my son had an accident and I had to buy him a pair of shorts on the spot (not that I didn’t have an extra pair on me, but we had already used those) the only shorts I could find were a size too big. SO, I gathered the extra material into a little nub, tied it up with my hair tie, and viola a perfect belt!

But in reality, I’m so much more than just a “MOMGyver” (though I’m truly digging my new cool title).

On a good day I’m:

  • Part super hero, with psychic abilities (how many times can you answer this questions without even letting them finish their sentence — “Mom have you seen my “INSERT OBJECT HERE”?)
  • Part Boy Scout (Isn’t their motto always be prepared?  Need a change of clothes, not to worry, I’ve got ‘ya covered! Extra Socks? YUP, got those too!)
  • Part Let’s Make a Deal contestant (Hey you never know when someone is going to walk up to you and say “I’ll give you a $100 if you pull a Mickey Mouse toy camera out of your bag” – no to worry, I’ve got that too)
  • AND part Mary Poppins (remember when she pulled a lamp out of her bag?! You should see some of the things I pull out of my bag, even before my kids ask for it!)

So until I can come up with some trendy acronym that will go “viral” and all moms will want to use, you can just call me a Super MOMGuyver”-scout-poppins!  Yeah, that will do for now!!



Baby Bullet Giveaway

Magic Bullet: BABY BULLET!

(Disclaimer: Mom’s Gone Bronson received the following for review and all thoughts are her own. Your views may differ, thank you!)

Everybody! Gather around and meet the Magic Bullet: Baby Bullet – the simplest, easiest and most convenient way to make your own baby-food, from scratch, at home, just the way your baby is going to love it and with all the goodness and nutrition he or she is going to need! The Mommy Rundown is helping to spread the word about the product & a giveaway! 

For as long as I can remember, I have cooked from scratch and I love to feed my children good, healthier foods without any of the added sugars, sweetners or other products that just simply do not have to be there and I have always mashed and smashed and smoothed the hard way – though have managed to get the job done!

The Baby Bullet really takes out all of the stress that goes along with the baby-food-mashing olympics, though, with its 2 stainless steel blades, high-torque power base, 3 piece batch bowl and storage and mixing accessories!

To make life even easier, the Magic Bullet: Baby Bullet comes with a guide full of recipe ideas for baby and includes goodies from a simple fruit or veg for babies eating for the first time, through to those eating mixed, thicker or a little more complex varieties as they grow!

The Baby Bullet really does take you through the first stages of baby-feeding and lasts beyond! You can always make apple sauces, blends, smoothies, even ice lollies from fruit and veggies and none of the added stabalizers or unnecessary sugars! Great!

I personally LOVE apple and raspberry sauce and my children can never have enough! Making a soup is easy with the Baby Bullet and anything I am making for myself, I can put into the Baby Bullet and have it ready to go for little mouths with the push of a button!

I am actually thoroughlly impressed with this cute little contraption and you can’t help but smile seeing that big grin staring back at you every time you whip up a batch of goodness for the kids! 

The Baby Bullet actually comes with a storage tray and storage cups, which are just the perfect size for babies to toddlers and make a great way to treat yourself without going overboard, too!

Make a weeks worth of meals in less than 5 minutes, which is just what you want when planning with a house full! I know I can cook up some goodness, throw it in the Baby Bullet and freeze it down ready to go!

My children LOVE the cute cups and are happy to reach for an apple sauce in a smiley cup then something that isn’t perhaps so great for them! I love that I can wash the entire set out and save on trash and recycling with this set and there are just so many bonuses to making your own food, period.

I really wish The Baby Bullet had been available when my older children were babies, but delighted that I have been able to try one out now! It is just the perfect size to make the perfect children’s portions and will keep me going back for more as I learn new recipes and goodies that I still want to try! 

I would definitely recommend giving one a try if cooking for your little one is something that you have been thinking about – I think the Baby Bullet is a really good start! It doesn’t take up very much space in your kitchen, either and so you can always have it ready to go!

If you would like to find out more about The Baby Bullet, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook and over at their blog, with other outlets such as Pinterest and Instagram to keep you in touch, which you can also find in our giveaway form!

Speaking of giveaways…


The good folk behind The Baby Bullet would love for you to try one out for youreslf and is letting us give away ONE Baby Bullet set to ONE lucky winner!!

All you have to do, to be in with a chance to win is to reside in the U.S.A, be 18 years or older and enter via the rafflecopter, below!

This giveaway will run from 1/21/15 and end on 2/4/15!

The giveaway winner will be notified via email within 24 hours of giveaway ending and will have 48 hours to claim their prize! If no correspondence has been received by the deadline then all prizes are forfeit and a new winner is chosen until the prize is calimed!

Note: No participating bloggers are in any way, shape or form, responsible for this review or giveaway. Prize fulfillment falls to the company sponsoring the giveaway and all views within the review are those of the original reviewee, Mom’s Gone Bronson. Your views may differ! Thank you!

What are you waiting for!?


When Your Muffin Top Becomes a Muffin

The muffin top.


It’s one of the many things I can’t stand, especially on myself. It really doesn’t go with any outfit, if you know what I mean.

In case you don’t know what it is, it’s that extra skin that flaps over your waistband. It’s like the top of a real muffin that hangs over the rest of the muffin and its wrapper. It’s much more attractive on the edible muffin if you ask me.


muffin top

I have to say, I never used to have an issue with muffin top fat. Junk in the trunk? Yeah, sure. But, no muffin tops. That is until I had two kids and started getting older.

It’s not just the muffin top. It’s feeling like your muffin top is becoming an actual muffin. Although I actually hit the gym three to four times a week, that dang muffin top and its baby muffin don’t seem to get the message. I don’t want your baked goods!

During a recent doctor’s visit I started complaining about the muffin. The doctor reminded me that I am getting older and with that comes all kinds of changes to your body, belly fat possibly being one of them. Oh boy!

So, what’s a momma to do?

Well, I’ve been trying to do more sit ups.

I hate sit ups.

I’m trying to have less late night snacks like Oreos and their evil cousins Chips Ahoy.

I’m opting for their long lost stepbrothers, the Wheat Thin and the Triscuit.

Ugh. They don’t even come close.

I’ve been trying to up my game at the gym, adding spin and weight classes instead of just hitting the elliptical.

I actually like spin and weight classes. I used to do them all the time pre-kids.


I have a feeling that no matter how much I do, besides going on all liquid diet, which will never happen, unless it’s all wine or  all coffee… my muffin is always going to leave some crumbs behind.

What kind of post-baby, getting older things have you noticed about your body?




Monday’s Mommas: Megan Strickland

Monday means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Here, it means it’s time to meet this week’s Monday’s Momma.

megan pic

Megan Strickland from Frugal Finds During Naptime joins us. Megan is a frugal, couponing, stay-at-home mom to two girls {ages 5 and 1}. She started Frugal Finds During Naptime in January 2014 as a way to help others learn how to use coupons, save money, and live a more frugal lifestyle. She enjoys finding deals, and breaking it down to small, easy-to-do scenarios to help others learn how to save money.

Today, Megan talks about the craziness of trying to keep up with Pinterest around Valentine’s Day. I really love this post. Do you have your kids make valentines or do you buy them?

“Cutesy Cards and Craziness? Or Store Bought and Sanity?”

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I see the “cutesy hearts” every time I go grocery shopping. Then, I get on Pinterest (my weakness) and I see SUPER cute Valentine’s Day Treat/Card Ideas. {You know the ones I’m talking about. The “I’m ‘toad-ally’ yours” and “You ‘blow’ me away” with cute treats and bubbles.}

I see them and think “I could ‘toad-ally’ do that!” So I do, then I overwhelm and stress myself out. I become irritable while trying to make the perfect Valentine’s Day treats. Towards the end of making treats, I’m gluing eyes, curling ribbons, and putting on tags thinking “they better ‘love’ these!”

It’s a little ironic, isn’t it?

I started evaluating why I continue to do little projects like this that stress me out, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because I feel like I need to “keep up with Pinterest moms”. I see what others are pinning and think they are actually making those things (when in reality how many of us actually make everything we pin?), and I feel like I have to “keep up”.

It’s crazy, and insane. Instead of keeping up with the Jones’, I’m keeping up with Pinterest. All it does is make me crazy and irritable. That’s not how I want my holidays spent is feeling irritable because of a Pinterest project.

Moms, it’s OK if your kids have store bought cards for holidays instead of hand made “cutesy” things from Pinterest. I would rather have my sanity with store bought cards, than the cutesy ones I made and be stressed.

In the end, your kids will remember how you spent the time with them during different holidays. Chances are, those late nights you put into those Pinterest gifts for your child’s friends, they aren’t going to remember it or care {What child says, “Thank you for staying up late and crafting this perfect, heart-shaped Valentine for me”?}. So, pin away, but don’t stress yourself out making everything. Buy some store bought cards, store bought cookies, let your kid scribble his/her name on them, and be done. Then you might have some time to work on that really big project you’ve been wanting to. . . or just spend time with those you love. After all, it’s “love day”.

No Phones at the Table

“No phones at the table.”

That’s my quote. My husband knows it. My kids know it. Even our extended family is aware of it.

Why? You may ask.

Why not?

I grew up in a house where family dinner time meant something. It was a time to talk about your day or any other topic you had on your mind. It was the one time of day when everyone was together, even just for a short amount of time. It wasn’t the time of day to check your Facebook or text messages. Granted, they didn’t exist then (geez I’m old), but you get my point.

Sad to say, family dinner time is pretty much non-existent in many households today. Opposite and crazy work schedules can make family meals impossible. For others, it’s overscheduling ourselves or our family that seems to be the problem. Whatever the case, dinner time ain’t what it used to be. I’m sure many of you agree.

That’s even more reason why we should give our phones a little nappy when actually sit down to dinner with the family. That Facebook video doesn’t need to be watched now. It doesn’t ever need to be watched if you ask me, but I digress. Twitter will still be there in a half hour. That text message that’s dinging incessantly will eventually go away. Don’t worry, it will be waiting for you when you’re done eating your mashed potatoes and corn.

Trust me, it’s hard to resist the urge to set your phone a place at the table. Just because I made the rule doesn’t mean it’s easy for me to follow. I really don’t know why our phones have such a hold over us. It’s an addiction. It’s hard to accept the fact that our phones can wait.

I don’t think the same can be said about our kids or spouses. A little piece of me cringes when parents tell their kids to hold on to that great story they are bursting to tell so that they can finish a text or finish watching a video. The next time, that child may not want to tell their story. Think about that the next time your text messages dings.

So, if you ever have dinner at my house, remember no phones at the table. If you forget, don’t worry, my kids will remind you. They know the rule so well that their play phones don’t even make it over!

How about you? Do you have similar dinner time rules?



Monday’s Mommas: Stefani Tower

Welcome Monday and welcome to another Monday’s Mommas feature! Each week, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a great blogger with a fabulous guest post.

 This week, Stefani Tower joins us! Stefani is a Certified Child Life Specialist and author of the blog Childlifeology. A mom of two girls, she is passionate about empowering and supporting children through challenging events such as chronic illness and hospitalization by providing them with tools that help them transform and master their experiences.
Stefani’s post “All Good Things” takes a look at how important it is for us to help our children find the good in each day. Check it out!
All Good Things

“I had a horrible day!” Ugh. Not those words again. My first grade daughter has been having the kind of days that made that one kid in that book want to move to Australia. Kids are bound to have bad days and goodness knows so are adults but this “horrible day” statement was happening more often than not. If this sounds familiar to you and you aren’t sure what to do, read on.

First things first, it’s important to always validate what your child is feeling. Empathic responses such as “Tell me about what made it horrible” lets the child know you are listening. Sometimes their response can be something that might seem trivial such as, “We had a substitute teacher” or “I had to sit next to (fill in the name) and I don’t like that kid” but that is big stuff in a child’s world. Resist the urge to make it seem like a trivial complaint. Instead respond with “I can see how that made you unhappy” or “It sounds like that was really hard for you.”

Once the child has had a chance to tell you all about what their day was like, ask them if there was anything that they can think of that was good about their day. This allows for a transition from thinking about all the bad that happened to the one good thing that did happen. Even if it’s a really small thing, something good happens everyday if we know how to look for it and that is why I started the “All Good Things” wall at my house.



The “All Good Things” wall consists of using a large roll of art paper or a few big pieces of poster board and taping it to a wall. Ask your child to think of one good thing that happened that day and have them write it on the paper. The whole family can contribute to the wall and it’s fun to see what constitutes a good day for someone. Some examples of some of the good things on our wall include, “I had my favorite sandwich at lunch today”, “I got a row to myself on the train to work this morning”, “I got to see my family when I came home from school” and “We had ice cream for dessert tonight.”

If you have a child who is going through a tough time or who might benefit from looking for the brighter side of things, give this a try. This can be modified to use in hospital settings as well, where it may seem like everyday is a bad day for a child. Again, its looking for the little things, such as “I got to make a fun art project” or “I had my favorite nurse today” or “My sister got to come visit me in the hospital.”

After the first day we put up the wall my first grader told me on the way to the school bus the next morning that she couldn’t wait to come home and write something good on the wall. So here’s to hoping she stops wanting to move to Australia!

Are Your Kids “Plugged In” at Night?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit both of my girls have TVs in their bedrooms. The one in my 5-year-old’s room is old as sin and has the gigantic back to prove it. The one in my 3-year-old’s room is tiny and not even plugged in because we don’t have a cable cord running to it. But, it’s still there, just taking up space.

Although my older daughter has a TV in her room, I can count the times on one hand that she actually watches it…even at night. We usually watch our night shows together on the couch. The funny thing is they don’t really enjoy watching television in their beds. So, I guess that’s a good thing.

A new study shows we shouldn’t keep TVs or small electronics in our children’s rooms if we want them to sleep better. Besides all the screen time rules we’ve heard about, it makes sense for other reasons too. Obviously your kid isn’t going to want to go to sleep if he or she is too busy finding out if Doc McStuffins fixed Lamby. Also all the bright lights and sounds are too much stimulation when you want them to sleep.

Do your kids have TVs in their rooms? Do you allow them to watch TV before bed?


Jamberry Nails Review

There is something about having my nails done that makes me feel good. Simply put it’s nice to look down at your hands and have them look pretty. As a mom, getting your nails done professionally on a regular basis is just not realistic. At least not for me. Ever since I get my mom crown I have to say that I paint my nails at home more often than I used to. It’s just easier and cheaper.

jamberry2But, sometimes you want something a little different. So, I tried Jamberry Nails custom wraps. I used the “Tinsle Town” design seeing that it was holiday time. The wraps come in a sheet of different sizes so you can match them up with the size of your nails. Once you find the right one, you have to heat up them up with a hair dryer and then stick them on your nails. Using a cuticle pusher you seal the wrap. Then, you need to trim the top with a scissor and file it down. Once you’re done with this step, you apply more heat and pressure so the wrap is securely fastened.

Presto! You have designer nail designs without the cost and time.

From start to finish, it took me forty minutes to finish my manicure. I had a harder time doing my right hand since I am not left handed. Once I got the hang of it though, I was able to move a lot faster. I definitely enjoyed the look of the design. But, after a couple of days I did notice they started to peel a bit, especially after I washed my hair in the shower and did some dishes. This was the only down side.


All in all, I think this is a great alternative to paying for expensive designs, especially if you don’t have the time to sit in a salon for hours. I would use Jamberry nails again for a special occasion. Call me old fashioned, but I still like my old school nail polish for an everyday look.

*I was compensated with a set of Jamberry Nail Wraps to complete this review.

A New Year’s Resolution List from My Kids

Dear Mom,

We’ve heard you talk about these things called “New Year’s Resolutions” a lot lately. We heard you say you want to eat better and exercise more so you don’t get a muffin top. We kinda don’t get that because we always like the tops of muffins. You know we actually like them better than the rest of the muffin, so we really hope you’re not trying to get rid of all the muffin tops.

We also don’t know what kind of junk is in the trunk that you talk about getting rid of. You’re a bit of a neat freak. The only “junk” we see is a stroller that you insist on driving around with although you really know we don’t need it. So, if you want to get rid of that “junk”, we’re all for it.

We also heard you say you want to read more and write more. We’d settle for learning to read and write well. But, we know you’re  a bit of a nerd, so we get this one if that’s what you want to do.

Since you’re doing all this stuff, we thought we should be doing things too. Here’s a list of things we came up with:

1. Sleep in our own beds more than just once a week– Although we love a good snuggle, you probably don’t like all the elbows and knees to the rib all night. Sorry, but that’s just how we roll.

2. Try to put more toys away– We know you keep stepping on Barbie’s head and getting Lego imprints in the bottom of your feet, but what’s the point in putting all the toys away when we’re just gonna take them all out again tomorrow? Plus, you keep saying “fudge” every time you trip on something. We like fudge, so this one is going to be a tough Mom, just warning you.

3. Go to bed easier– We know you want us to go to bed so you can do your stuff, but we really don’t want to. But, we’ll try. We guess.

4.Share-It’s just one small word, but for some reason you yell it a lot. We can try to do better here.

5. Clean Our Own Butts– Who really wants to wipe poop from their butts? Not us. This one is going to take some time.

We can’t promise we’ll get all of these done, but we’ll sure try. Just please, save the muffin tops.


Your Daughters

Okay, before you think my kids actually came up with this list, let me tell you, they didn’t. If my 5 and 3-year-olds could, these are things I would love for them to do. I’m sure every mom has a list of their own out there.

I can tell you numbers one, two, and five, have already been broken…many times.

Number three has seen the most success, with number four dragging behind.

We’re only a few days into 2015, so we’ll see how it  goes.

As for the muffin tops, and junk in the trunk…I’ll see what I can do!

What kinds of resolutions would you like to see your kids make?










Monday’s Mommas: Melinda Ziskinder

It’s a new year and that means more mommas to introduce you on The Mommy Rundown! We’re kicking off 2015 with Melinda Ziskinder.

melinda picMelinda is an attorney, wife, and mom to three boys. Since 2013, she has written about parenting and modern life on her blog,There is a Season. When she and her family aren’t watching Glee, they enjoy playing Catchphrase, reading J.R.R. Tolkien books, and gathering in the kitchen for family meals.

Do you and your spouse agree on TV shows? If you do, I think you’re one of the few.

Check out Melinda’s story here in her guest post.


“Newly Discovered Evidence”

Think you know your mate from every angle?  Confident you would take the disco ball trophy on the Newlywed Game or pass the INS toothbrush test?  Think again!

I’ve been married for more than a decade to my love.  Not so long, I know, but surely long enough to know what he enjoys and what he would use scorched earth tactics to avoid.  One thing I thought I knew for sure:  he doesn’t like music.  Disco, 80s greatest hits albums, yes.  Music?  No.

Case in point, a handful of years ago, I purchased tickets to see Paul McCartney with my mom and brother.  My brother couldn’t go because of a last minute work schedule change.  I asked . . . ahem begged my husband to go in my brother’s stead.  Mainly so I wouldn’t have to drive in the dark.  I hate driving in the dark.  My husband declined.  Years later, a friend of his heard this story and pronounced my husband an “a%$%$e” for not going.  Say what you will but my husband relayed his friend’s pronouncement to me and agreed, without any trace of shame, that he was an “a#$#$#e”.  What’s that line from Sex and the City?  He just wasn’t that into Paul McCartney.

At least not live.  My husband enjoys music, but it has to sound the way it sounds on the radio or on the album.  No improvisation allowed!  And original music by unknown artists?  He’ll pass.  Anyway, through the years, he has been subjected to the Paul McCartney concert guilt trip on many occasions.  It must have been a gift from God that he didn’t go.  He has paid for that decision many times.

For instance, the other night I decided that it would be fun and meaningful for our family to watch some television together.  Miracle on 34th Street?  You must not know my family.  I settled on Modern Family. But the series wasn’t on Netflix.  Grrr!!!! So I asked my son to scroll through the television series options and I spotted Glee.  I had never seen an episode but I had a vague memory of Facebook friends losing their minds over the show.  And I am a music geek.  I decided my boys, all four of them, needed to be exposed to the arts.  Since I’m too lazy to schlep them all to a museum during the weekend, Glee would suffice.

The menfolk all grumbled but they ceded to my offer:  “We’ll watch ten minutes.  If it sucks, we’ll find something else.”

The show began with a scene of a puppy-eyed young guy with a hairy chest agonizing over how to help his students.  I was sold.  Hairy chest? Tortured teacher type?  Sign me up!!!  My husband muttered, “This show was made for you babe.”  Yes it was!!  How did I never watch this?

A half hour passed.  My sons were watching.  They were not complaining.  It was a pre-Hanukkah miracle!  My husband was laughing.  At the end of the episode, he yelled (my husband yells a lot – in a non-threatening way):  “Let’s watch another one!!!”  He adored the characters, who he labeled, “really great,” especially “that neurotic lady.”  I was worried he might cry when Kurt’s father, a stoic lumberjack lookalike, revealed that he had known his son was gay since he was a toddler and that he still loved him.  I made a mental note:  Force husband to watch Mr. Holland’s Opus.

I’m not a big TV person.  My husband and I usually have one TV show that we watch together.  When we were dating, it was Ally McBeal and at some point, South Park.  After we married, we moved on to (of course) The Sopranos.  Of late, we have looked forward to Mad Men and Homeland, and my husband – a history buff – has convinced me that there is value in Pawn Stars.  Glee’s whimsical quality has reminded me of Ally McBeal and of the first years of our courtship, when I hung on my husband’s every word, and he believed I was an angel.  Things have changed for sure but apparently some things are still the same.

I was surprised that my husband, in short order, became an avid fan of a show about musical theater dorks, but on another level I was reminded of his soft heart, his love for underdogs, his inability to steel himself against 80s schtick.  There is plenty of 80s schtick on Glee – Journey songs abound.  We should watch TV shows more often.