Pre-K Pre-Jitters

   So, my baby starts pre-k next week and guess who’s nervous? Yep, me. I mean she could very well be nervous too and just not telling me. But, that’s what makes me nervous. She’s excited for now, but what’s going to happen the first day? She could be waving goodbye with a smile one minute and crying her eyes out the next. That’s what I’m nervous about.

   I know it’s just pre-k, but still, it’s her first school experience. I’ve left her with family before, but never with complete strangers. So, of course, this makes me nervous too. The school she’s going to has been in business for 49 years, so there is some comfort there. But, now they have my baby. That’s what I’m nervous about.

   On the list of “are you kidding me lady, chill out”, I’m also worried about what kind of snack to pack. They say to pack a “healthy” snack. Well, I have one of the pickiest eaters ever and healthy isn’t always on the menu, so this should be fun. Yes, I know this is dumb, but this is what I’m nervous about.

   Since we’re talking about the whole food thing, it would be a good time to mention the fact that we were sooo late to the lunchbox party. I figured shopping for a lunchbox two weeks before school would be okay. Yeah, I was wrong. I went to four stores. The stuff was so picked over and jammed together I thought I was watching “Hoarders”. Oh and since when are thermoses not included? For the love of God, I’m still trying to find a darn thermos! I remember the days of the old plastic lunchboxes that always came with a thermos…but I digress. Anyway, my daughter walked in wanting a Dora or Abbey lunchbox, but settled for Hello Kitty.  I know she doesn’t care, but this is what I’m nervous about.

   On the list of things she could care less about, but is giving me gray hair, is her outfit the first day of school. Of course I bought some new outfits, but they’re fallish. So what if it’s 85 degrees the first day of school? What does she wear? I know it doesn’t matter. But, this is what I’m nervous about.

   So folks, we’ll see what happens next week. I know in the end, we’ll find the “right” outfit , the “right” snack, and the “right” thermos. But, for now I’m just going to be nervous!

We Have a Super Cling-On

   I have walked out of range and I hear it. That little voice is calling…mama…mama. Oh yes, it is my little 10 month-old daughter having a bit of a fit because she is in someone else’s arms and I am not around. Oh yes folks, we have a Super Cling-On. What exactly is that? That’s what I like to call a little baby (often my own) who will cling to you better than white on rice. 

   So, how did she get this way? Well, I did something horrible…I decided to stay home with her and not send her to Grandma’s house or daycare. In case you didn’t catch it, that was sarcasm. But honestly, some people make me feel as though I am doing something wrong because I chose to stay home for awhile and raise my kids. I absolutely love some of the comments I get. “Oh, she’s really stuck to your hip”. “Oh, is she always like that?” Don’t forget my absolute favorite,  “Oh, you really need to leave her with people more often.” Wait, while I sort through the people lining up at my doorstep.

   Don’t get me wrong, I do leave her with people. But, then when I call to check up, I hear the wailing in the background. I feel bad for my baby and the poor person who has to put up with it all! I think I need to stop calling to check up!

   So, what’s the answer here folks? I don’t have one…if I did, I wouldn’t have a Super Cling-On on my hands!


   In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, I began to think about some sports Moms could compete in if we had our own games. There are definitely some everyday activities and skills that could have us competing for the gold. Here are just a few I came up with…

1. Diaper Dash
*How fast can you change a diaper before your little one scoots away or flips over?

2. Synchronized Spoon Feeding
*Two children, two mouths, two different spoons of food…any questions?

3. Breastfeeding Multi-Tasking Relay
*Walking, texting, talking and feeding at the same time…rinse, lather, repeat pretty much all day long

4. Baby Balancing
*Carry your baby, car seat, diaper bag, and try not spill your cup of piping hot Dunkin’…may the force be with you momma

5. Mega Momma Sprint
*10 errands, 2 children…how fast can you do it with the least number of meltdowns and tantrums?

   After going over my list, I think I could get the gold in the Breastfeeding Multi-Tasking Relay. It’s the Diaper Dash that I still need more training in. But, as you all know, you can’t really practice being a mom…it’s all about trial and error. Whatever you do, go for the gold!