In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, I began to think about some sports Moms could compete in if we had our own games. There are definitely some everyday activities and skills that could have us competing for the gold. Here are just a few I came up with…

1. Diaper Dash
*How fast can you change a diaper before your little one scoots away or flips over?

2. Synchronized Spoon Feeding
*Two children, two mouths, two different spoons of food…any questions?

3. Breastfeeding Multi-Tasking Relay
*Walking, texting, talking and feeding at the same time…rinse, lather, repeat pretty much all day long

4. Baby Balancing
*Carry your baby, car seat, diaper bag, and try not spill your cup of piping hot Dunkin’…may the force be with you momma

5. Mega Momma Sprint
*10 errands, 2 children…how fast can you do it with the least number of meltdowns and tantrums?

   After going over my list, I think I could get the gold in the Breastfeeding Multi-Tasking Relay. It’s the Diaper Dash that I still need more training in. But, as you all know, you can’t really practice being a mom…it’s all about trial and error. Whatever you do, go for the gold!

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