We Have a Super Cling-On

   I have walked out of range and I hear it. That little voice is calling…mama…mama. Oh yes, it is my little 10 month-old daughter having a bit of a fit because she is in someone else’s arms and I am not around. Oh yes folks, we have a Super Cling-On. What exactly is that? That’s what I like to call a little baby (often my own) who will cling to you better than white on rice. 

   So, how did she get this way? Well, I did something horrible…I decided to stay home with her and not send her to Grandma’s house or daycare. In case you didn’t catch it, that was sarcasm. But honestly, some people make me feel as though I am doing something wrong because I chose to stay home for awhile and raise my kids. I absolutely love some of the comments I get. “Oh, she’s really stuck to your hip”. “Oh, is she always like that?” Don’t forget my absolute favorite,  “Oh, you really need to leave her with people more often.” Wait, while I sort through the people lining up at my doorstep.

   Don’t get me wrong, I do leave her with people. But, then when I call to check up, I hear the wailing in the background. I feel bad for my baby and the poor person who has to put up with it all! I think I need to stop calling to check up!

   So, what’s the answer here folks? I don’t have one…if I did, I wouldn’t have a Super Cling-On on my hands!

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