As You Start First Grade…

Tomorrow’s the day, you’re starting first grade.
With your Peppa Pig backpack you’ll be well on your way.
There are some jitters as we start a new year, but this time around Mommy won’t shed any tears.
You’re becoming a big girl, this I can see, but for now it makes me feel good to know you really do still need me.
You’re going to learn so much this time around too; I know you’ll do great in whatever you do.
You’ll make new friends and play with the old, just be sure to stay away from the ones who may act too bold.
It seems each year is passing faster than the last , but I can remember every detail of your days that have past.

I can’t wait to see what pictures you draw and what books you will now be able to read. We’ve been practicing many words this summer, so I think we’ve planted the seed. Now, don’t get in a tizzy if things don’t come easy. Don’t whine. Don’t cry. All I ask is that you try, try, try.

Give it your all, sometimes you may fall. In the end remember to hold your head up tall. You can do anything you put your mind to, so there is no reason to feel blue.

Enough of all this serious stuff, now on to some other things that aren’t so rough.

Like I’ve said before, please remember to go pee at school, you know it’s Mommy’s little rule. Mommy’s other little hope is that you will wash your hands with water and soap.If you happen to go number two, which I know you won’t, please wipe, I’ll know if you don’t.

When it comes to lunch, do more than just munch. Eat what I pack, not just the snack.

One last thing before I say goodnight…remember to have fun and please be safe…I know that first grade is going to be just great.