How to Choose the Right Card: Some Top Tips

If you’re the kind of person who simply walks into a shop and blindly picks up the first card they come to, maybe it’s time you started putting a little more thought into the selection process. After all, in today’s highly digitalized world – with its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – receiving a card through the letterbox is the nearest thing to a hand-written letter most of us will get.




We know it’s much simpler to type a quick message via social networking sites, but that’s the very reason that opening a card – taking in its front cover, the well-chosen verse and the words carefully scrawled inside – is almost a little bit special.


With that in mind, don’t make the card buying process become as instant as pinging out a quick Facebook message, or tapping out a tweet. Here are a few questions you might want to bear in mind next time someone’s birthday, anniversary or wedding is on the horizon…


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How Often Do You See the Recipient? – If you’re sending a card to someone you see weekly, or even daily, you might not spend too long poring over cards in the shop. True, it’s still important to consider what your friend or close family member might like, but if you catch up with them on a regular basis the sentiment can almost be lost. In this case, a silly or jokey card might work best; pay attention to the things they tell you, the stories they relay. And then try and pick out a card based around them. It’s all about raising a smile, even if you do see this particular friend so often that you’re worried you’ll struggle to find time to buy them a card without them lurking around the corner peeping over your shoulder. Choose something light and witty and that’s guaranteed a laugh. If you’re sending a card to a relative or friend you don’t see so often, think about getting a blank one you can write a little note in. It’ll go a long way to letting the recipient know they’re never far from your mind and it acts as a traditional pen-letter too, saving you money on an additional letter/notecard in the long run – it’s win-win!


What’s the Occasion? – Now, this may seem like a simple one, but if you’re choosing a card for someone you don’t see too often, it’s really worth double checking the facts before you ping off a card. This is particularly important if you’re sending a card to a niece or nephew and you’re perhaps not so sure of their age. Find out in advance before you upset the birthday boy or girl by sending a card that says ‘Hooray, you’re nine!’, when in actual fact your recipient is 10. It may only be a year’s difference, but when you’re young it matters greatly if, for example, you’re desperate to finally make it to double digits age-wise.


How Long Have You Got? – When it comes to choosing the right card, it’s not just about the card itself. Ask yourself in advance how long you have to ensure the card reaches your recipient on time. Have you factored in the time it takes to make its way to their home via post? If, for example, you’ve bought a sympathy card in time for the day of the funeral of a loved one’s relative, make sure you send it so it at least arrives before or on the day itself. A new home card, on the other hand, can be sent weeks after someone moves into their new place – the sentiment is still there and it’ll still be a fairly new abode even a few months later. Don’t forget to also bear in mind the recipient’s interests, too. Are they someone who’d appreciate a lovingly-crafted handmade card, for instance, or a card based on a particular theme?


Ask yourself these questions (above) and you’ll always get it just right when it comes to selecting a card.

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