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As a mother, we are always looking for cool new places to take our kids. While parks and beaches are great, we all know sometimes kids need a little variety. They need a place to get out all of that energy. They need a place where they can jump around and not get yelled at. How about a place where they can throw balls at one another and not even get yelled at for that?

I have just the place for you.

Launch Trampoline Park.


Courtesy: launchmilford.com


My girls and I recently took a trip to the new Launch location in Milford, CT. I first found out about it through some promotions going on at my local movie theater. It was one of those places I put on my “I’ll surprise the kids if they’re good some day” list. Well, they were good one day, so they got surprised.

When we got there and my kids saw all there was to do, they didn’t know where to turn first. Once I signed the waivers and bought their special Launch socks, we were ready to jump. We started off at the large trampoline area. They jumped from square to square. Honestly, I think they stayed there for at least a half-hour. Then it was off to shoot some hoops. Jumping to try to get a basket was a lot of fun too. But, I think the part they enjoyed the most was the dodge ball area. One of the benefits of going on a low-traffic day is that there aren’t a lot of kids to compete with for space. So, if you want to get the most out of your visit, I would recommend going this route. My kids played a friendly game of dodge ball with a couple of other kids and had so much fun! In fact, I wish I could have joined in! (Maybe next time)

Courtesy: launchmilford.com

Courtesy: launchmilford.com

Besides just having fun all around, the Launch Trampoline Park is a great place for kids to get some exercise. According to a NASA study, scientists show that rebounding on a trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging. As a nation that is constantly battling childhood obesity, any time a child can get out and exercise is good. If they can have fun at the same time, then it’s a bonus!

Besides all the trampoline fun, the Launch Trampoline Park also has a game area and food court. So, you can really make it an afternoon of family fun! You can even schedule your child’s birthday party. Joey the kangaroo would love to meet you!

Courtesy: launchmilford.com

Courtesy: launchmilford.com



So, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of reasons to jump over to Launch Trampoline Park in Milford, CT.  The folks at Launch in Milford are so excited for you to come and visit that they are giving away Four FREE one-hour jump passes to one lucky reader of this blog post. The contest runs from midnight September 19, 2016 through midnight October 3, 2016. That’s when one lucky winner will be chosen at random. Be sure to enter the giveaway & visit the Launch Trampoline Park in Milford for some great family fun!

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*This post is sponsored by Launch Trampoline Park. All opinions are my own.