Meeting my Nemesis: Caillou

As a parent, we do things for our kids that we normally wouldn’t do for any other human being.

For me, that means taking my kids to meet Caillou.

If you know anything about me, you know I have a love/hate relationship with the little bald-headed poopy head. Truth be told, it’s mostly a hate relationship on my end. I’m sure if Caillou ever sat down for a coffee with me, he would love me.

Although I can’t stand the little whiney kid, my girls tend to love him. Watching him before bed is a ritual. So, when I heard there was going to be a free meet and greet at my local mall, I put aside my feelings and decided to take them. I’m still waiting for my Mother of the Year Award.

caillou meet2

The boy, the myth, the legend!

I expected there to be other kids, but I guess I underestimated Caillou’s popularity. There were tons of kids! The line wrapped around the lower level of the mall. When my kids saw the line they were a little discouraged. When I told them we didn’t necessarily have to wait for a personal meet and greet, they weren’t buying it. We were committed to this line and to the meet and greet. It didn’t matter how long we had to wait.

caillou meet1

OMG! It’s Caillou!


Of course, things would have gone a lot faster if Caillou didn’t need to take a nap after only thirty minutes at work. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. He does always complain and whine over every paper cut. Standing to meet fans was perhaps a little tiring for him. On the inside I was telling him to just suck it up.

So we waited. And waited. During what felt like eternity, I realized my phone/camera only had 20% battery left. OMG! If my battery ran out before we got to the main event I’m sure my Mother of the Year Award would have been taken away. What an epic fail!

Thankfully, a few crying and traumatized kids who freaked when they actually got to the front of the line made the whole thing move along much faster.

As we inched closer, I could feel the excitement build. We were in the presence of toddler greatness. To say my kids were excited would be an understatement. Let me tell you, it was the equivalent of me meeting Adam Levine.

caillou meet3

Dreams do come true! LOL!


When Caillou’s handler (yes he had a handler) motioned for us to come on down, my girls ran right up and gave him a hug. It actually warmed my Caillou hating heart even though it took nearly an hour and a half for a ten second picture and a high five. A woman offered to take a picture of me with him too. No way. I need to draw the line somewhere.

So I left the mall with two girls Caillou crazed kids who couldn’t wait to tell everyone who they met. Deep (deep) down it made me feel good that I did something to make my kids happy, even if it did involve Caillou.