Monday’s Mommas: 2 Moms on a Train

It’s Monday. You’re probably running around making sure all the lunches and homework are packed. You probably had to peel at least one child out of bed. Another probably can’t find matching shoes or socks…that is until you find them, right where you told them they would be!

Yep, just another morning of motherhood. This week’s Monday’s Mommas, Sara & Kim from 2 Moms on a Train, know all about it. Check out their guest post!

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Are you a “MOMGuyver”?

By Kim

So for those of you who remember the 1980’s (and sadly I do) you might remember a TV show called MacGyver.

In simplest terms MacGyver was a secret agent who would fight the “bad guys” using plain, everyday items.  For example, he’d make a gun using a pencil, a rubber band, and his shoelace.  Or he make a bomb to break down a door by using gum, a paper clip, and a can of soda… you get the picture, TOTALLY unrealistic, but he got the “bad guy” and saved the day, EVERY TIME!

Anyway,  the other day as I was packing up my bag to go to my son’s soccer practice, I realized that I myself am MacGyver…a “MOMGyver”!   No, not that I am exactly fighting off “bad guys”, BUT I am fully prepared to SAVE the day when needed. ( And most days I do!)

For example: I have band aids available for any cut, scrape, or gash that might occur, BUT did you know that very same band-air could be used as tape for when our team soccer sign starts to fall apart? (In case you were wondering stickers do the job nicely too; and YES I have those in my bag as well!)

And it’s not just for soccer days. I always wear hair ties around my wrist (at least two, if not more) But did you know that a hair tie can be used as a belt? Over the summer when my son had an accident and I had to buy him a pair of shorts on the spot (not that I didn’t have an extra pair on me, but we had already used those) the only shorts I could find were a size too big. SO, I gathered the extra material into a little nub, tied it up with my hair tie, and viola a perfect belt!

But in reality, I’m so much more than just a “MOMGyver” (though I’m truly digging my new cool title).

On a good day I’m:

  • Part super hero, with psychic abilities (how many times can you answer this questions without even letting them finish their sentence — “Mom have you seen my “INSERT OBJECT HERE”?)
  • Part Boy Scout (Isn’t their motto always be prepared?  Need a change of clothes, not to worry, I’ve got ‘ya covered! Extra Socks? YUP, got those too!)
  • Part Let’s Make a Deal contestant (Hey you never know when someone is going to walk up to you and say “I’ll give you a $100 if you pull a Mickey Mouse toy camera out of your bag” – no to worry, I’ve got that too)
  • AND part Mary Poppins (remember when she pulled a lamp out of her bag?! You should see some of the things I pull out of my bag, even before my kids ask for it!)

So until I can come up with some trendy acronym that will go “viral” and all moms will want to use, you can just call me a Super MOMGuyver”-scout-poppins!  Yeah, that will do for now!!