Gymboree’s Newborn Essentials

As a mother of two, I can tell you first-hand how important it is to have the right clothes for your newborn. It’s kind of like the story of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”…the porridge can’t be too hot or too cold…it needs to be just right. In this case, the clothes for newborns can’t be too tight or too rough…they need to be just right for baby.

The world just got a little sweeter for parents searching for the right clothes for baby. Gymboree’s newborn essentials would be just what Goldilocks would be looking for if she was searching for clothes instead of porridge. The clothes are just right.

When it comes to baby clothes, you want and need something that is soft. Gymboree offers 100% combed cotton. This adds a soft feel to your baby’s already soft skin. The clothes are not just soft; they are also breathable and comfy. This is perfect for playtime, naptime, or those rock-rocks in the baby swing.

We all know babies grow faster than you can say tummy time. That’s why it seems like we’re buying more clothes for them than we ever have for ourselves. To ease that burden and give our wallets a break, Gymboree’s pants have cuffs that can be unrolled to grow with your baby. It really is just a simple idea that makes mommy’s life a little easier…and less expensive. Another bonus that’s a real bargain is the reversible tops and pants. This not only gives mom more options, but also lessens the laundry load.

Once you get all of these great clothes home, it’s time to dress baby. Some days that’s easier said than done. Gymboree’s newborn essentials have easy peasy snap buttons and stretch envelope shoulders so dressing your baby doesn’t feel like you’re stuffing a sausage. It not only eases the stress of getting ready but also cuts down on the time. We all know how long it takes to get baby ready and out the door. Anything that can help in this department is welcomed!

It’s not only great to buy Gymboree clothes for your own baby, but they also make a great gift. I really love to give Gymboree sets because you can always find some cute accessories for every outfit. Although baby may not be fully able to appreciate it, moms love every extra ounce of cuteness they can pile on their little ones.

So there’s no need to go store to store to find the right fit and style. Don’t be a Goldilocks. Get it right the first time with Gymboree’s newborn essentials. It really will make life with your baby a little sweeter.

*This is a sponsored post.