This Bites

“That’s mine.”

“No, mine.”

“I had it first”.

Scream. Cry. Ouch!!!!

Run for mommy.

Can you guess what just happened again in my house? Let me set the scene. My two and four year-old are fighting over some stupid toy. Big sister doesn’t let little sister have it. Sisters fight over said toy. Big sister still won’t give up. Little sister gets totally aggravated, goes nuts and decides to bite big sister in anger. Big sister is hurt and now wants mommy. Little sister knows this is bad and goes into time out corner on her own.

This is what goes on in my house more frequently than I would like to admit. Saying this makes me lose my mind is the understatement of the year. I lose it. I start screaming. It accomplishes nothing.

My younger daughter knows this is wrong, yet still continues to do it. The funny, not so funny, thing about it is that she only bites her sister. She doesn’t bite other kids (thank Jesus for that one) nor does she bite any adults. It is just her sister.

I never had a sister growing up, so I don’t know if this is normal. I’m hoping it is just some part of the terrible two phase we are constantly going through on a daily basis. Whatever it is, I honestly can’t take much more of it and neither can my older daughter. She’s had her share of battle scars.

When my older daughter was around the two-year-old mark I remember she bit people a few times, but thankfully her stint was short lived. This time around, I feel like we are in it for the longer haul. My blood pressure and vocal cords can’t take it! If she is going to be aggressive, I would much rather she hit her sister. Not that hitting is a great behavior either, but I think biting is just so barbaric, not to mention more painful.

While I can usually anticipate when the next bite is going to happen, sometimes it happens for no reason at all. I know all of this is part of having kids, yada yada yada. However you slice it, it bites. Period.






And What’s Your Name Little Girl?

Your name. It’s something you hear right from the moment you are born. You learn to answer to it. You learn to say it. You learn to write it. You learn to either love it or hate it. Apparently, if you’re my daughter, you also learn you can change it! Yeah, that’s right. I think my daughter is driving a one person petition to change her name. I don’t know why because I think she has a beautiful name. If we named her something ugly or stupid then maybe I could see her reasoning.

So, She goes around telling people her name is “Mina” (Mean-a). Her name doesn’t start with an “M” nor does it rhyme or sound anything like “Mina”. Still, she is “Mina”. She does it in the house. She does it in front of family. And now she’s starting to do it in public. This, folks, was my worst fear come true. At her cousin’s birthday party over the weekend, one of the worker’s at the little play gym went around the circle asking the kids their names. Since she can’t say her real name yet, I expected my husband to answer for her. But, before he could open his mouth she blurted out “I’m Mina.” I laughed. What else could I do? She knows her name is not Mina because I correct 100 times a day. Still, she’s Mina. Even when I yell at her she says, “No, I’m Mina.” So, then I yell at Mina too!

It’s all silly now, but I’m really afraid she’s going to call herself Mina when she goes to pre-school in the fall. The teacher is going to look on her list and realize she doesn’t have a Mina! She’ll make friends and they’ll call her Mina. She’s going to have split personalities. Ahh!!!

Everyone asks me where she got the name from. There is a show she watches and the lady’s name is “Nina”. So, I’m thinking she’s getting it from there. That is truly the only thing I can think of. I need to call Nina and tell her to change her name!

So what’s a mom to do in the “Mina time”? I guess I’ll keep correcting her and hope this is just one of those annoying phases!