Milk Money

    Back in the day, kids used to get milk money from their moms. Nowadays, moms are making their own milk money, so to speak. They’re cashing in on their excess breast milk. Perhaps you’ve heard, moms are selling their breast milk and pumping up their bank accounts in the process.

  This stuff really freaks me out. Anyone who knows me can tell you I’m in favor of breast feeding. I’m not a member of “La Leche League” or anything like that, but I think it’s great for the baby, good for bonding, and not to mention a fabulous way to lose that baby weight quickly without much effort. But I think your breast milk, should be for your kid, not for some random babies across the country.That’s just me.
   I’ve been doing a lot of reading about this because I just find it intriguing and completely odd at the same time. Apparently, some women are earning hundreds of dollars a month. Now I get it. It’s just that when you’re breastfeeding you kinda already feel like a dairy cow, now some women are really becoming one. While some produce just cups a day, others can produce gallons. As many of you may know, even if you freeze it, breast milk does have a shelf life. So these women have found a way to not let anything go to waste.
   Besides the fact that the whole thing just creeps me out, you gotta think about the health factor.Your breast milk has nutrients YOUR body makes for YOUR baby. Some babies are already allergic to their own mother’s breast milk, so why would you want to take a chance with a stranger’s? In fact, even the FDA is not recommending people buy breast milk on the open market because it could lead to disease. Why would you want to put your baby at risk? I say if you can’t make it, breast may not be best, and formula should be the way to go.
  I’ve heard some people say selling breast milk is no different than accepting donated blood or going to a sperm bank. If you look at it as if you’re just taking another bodily fluid then I guess you could make your case. But, I’m not convinced. If breast milk were something that should be shared with everyone and bought by anyone, I would find it in the dairy section at Stop & Shop. But I don’t. Who knows though, someday that could be coming! Never say never!