“Mommy, The Sleep Fairy Came!”

Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived a little girl who just couldn’t sleep in her own bed the entire night alone. No matter how hard she tried there was always something that got in her way. Sometimes it was the “monsters” that were hiding in the closet. Sometimes she “forgot” what her mommy looked like, so she had to come see her in the middle of the night. Other times, she just wanted a cuddle.

So, in the middle of the night, she would toss and turn and then make a mad dash down the hallway to her parents’ room. Sometimes her mother didn’t even feel her climb over and nudge herself right in the middle of the bed. Other times, she made herself known with an elbow to the nose or a cuddly head butt. Other times she would take over the bed so much that her mother would clench to the edge as if she were going to fall off Mount Everest.

Tired of always being interrupted, her mommy created “The Sleep Fairy”. This clever little creature, who also happens to be the Tooth Fairy’s cousin, appears in the middle of the night (or when mommy wakes up). She leaves little surprises under the pillows of children who sleep in their own beds the entire night alone.

One night, the impossible happened. The little girl, who could never sleep in her bed alone did. The next morning she was so excited, she ran into her parents’ room, gleaming with pride. “Mommy, I slept in my own bed.” Surprised at what actually happened, mommy was speechless. She didn’t say much as she just rolled over and smiled. But then, a little light went off. She slept so well she didn’t have a chance to let the sleep fairy do her magic. It was months since the Sleep Fairy’s name was even mentioned in the house because her services were never ever needed. Never.

Wanting to keep her word, mommy distracted both her little girls so the Sleep Fairy could go to work. An hour or so later, mommy sent the girls into their rooms to take their pillow cases off so she could change the sheets.

“Mommy, there’s a dollar under my pillow!” Seconds later mommy hears, “me too.”

“Mommy, the sleep fairy came!” Seconds later, “me too.”

Thus, the Sleep Fairy final got a day’s (or night’s work).

The Sleep Fairy has yet to visit again. She is back counting teeth with her cousin (yuck!). Mommy hopes she visits again really soon.

As with any good story, there is a moral. Here we learn parents will go to extremes to get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes that means bribing…I mean, offering incentives. Sometimes it means creating fictional characters. Whatever it takes my friends, whatever it takes. I will keep you posted on the Sleep Fairy’s activities. Until then, sweet dreams.

Just curious…what do you or have you done to get your kids to sleep better?