Spring into Savings

Decorating On A Dime

Tired of the same old boring or outdated home décor but living on a dime? Not everyone has the type of cash needed to replace countertops, redo flooring, and buy new furniture, so here are a few cheap and easy home makeover tips for busy moms who can’t afford a full home makeover. Of course, my first tip is to always, and I mean always, search for coupons, deals and promotions online. If you’re new to couponing, I suggest that you go to www.discountrue.com and you’ll get every coupon you’ll need in one place. Every penny counts so saving just a little bit now may mean you can spend a lot later!

Start with the walls

Your walls are the most prominent feature of your home so start with them. Adding a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room and you can work out how much you’ll need by visiting DIY sites that offer pretty accurate calculators. It’s best to choose neutral colors when painting a whole room but if you like bold colors then painting just one wall is a good idea. You could also paint the top half of the wall in one color and the bottom in another with some sort of border between the two halves.

If painting is something you avoid at all costs then consider a feature wall. Your family pictures have more impact when they’re grouped together and it doesn’t matter if the frames are all different. Create box frames using old crates or egg boxes and add a 3D element to your photos by pinning small items that tell a story inside the frame. You could paper the wall instead or even create a mural with self adhesive stickers which are durable, easy to replace and don’t leave any residue.

Unique artwork is an answer

Unique and unusual artwork is easy to come by and can instantly liven up a room. Get a few arts and crafts ideas and get your kids to create some quirky pieces for you or else head out to flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales to find something you like. It doesn’t matter what the art looks like, grab a few pots of acrylic paint, throw a few splashes of color at a piece of paper and voila you have a painting that looks just like the ones hanging in art galleries!!!

If you have any then use the off cuts from old wallpaper to line drawers, shelves and even the inside of cupboard doors to give them an arty feel. Use a corkboard or fabric covered pin board above a desk to display anything that catches your eye such as pretty greeting cards, interesting postcards, cutouts from magazines, fabric swatches, a motivational print, and your children’s drawings. It doesn’t matter what goes up there and the best part is that it changes as you do.

Jazz up items you already own

Use leftover paint to give the legs of a banged up wooden chair a stylish look then use it as a side table in the sitting room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. Create a display with layers of different colored sand, pebbles, a small ornament, and silk flowers inside an old jar of instant coffee (or any kind of glass jar) and place it on windowsills for a whimsical decoration. Arrange mismatched tableware on a mirror that you’ve turned into a tray to organize the toiletries that always litter your vanity.

Sometimes all you need to do is rearrange the furniture a little. Place the sofa at an angle or move it into a different corner and the whole focus of the room shifts. If you’re getting tired of a piece of furniture in a certain room, think about a way to repurpose it or else move it to another room where it might work. Create a new headboard by folding a beautiful quilt or knitted blanket over the bed frame or else make your own with plywood, some fluffy batting and an attractive fabric.

As you can see a few of these ideas won’t cost you a cent, never mind a dime and they say that a change is as good as a holiday so what are you waiting for? For all things with a price tag, get a coupon from Discountrue and you’ll save lots. Give in to the spring fever and give your home a makeover that won’t break the bank.

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