Starbucks Fall Blend Review & Giveaway

The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, the alarm is going off earlier and the kids are back in school. It must mean only one thing. Fall is just about here. While the change in season is great for apple picking and all of those kinds of things, the same can not be said for earlier bed times and wake up calls.


Nothing is more exhausting than trying to get your child up in the morning for school. Trust me, I speak from experience. That’s why I need my coffee in the morning. Yes, I am classifying coffee has a necessity, not a desire. If you want me to play nice at recess, you need to give me my coffee.


With that said, I recently tested out Starbucks new Fall Blend. I was really happy with it because it’s the kind of coffee that will wake you up, but not leave you with the shakes hours later. Ya know what I mean? It’s just the right jolt to help you get through those mornings when you have to peel your children out of bed.


If you’re like me, you not only need you morning coffee, you also need a little pick me up in the afternoon. So, I’ve been brewing a little pot while I help my daughter do her homework after school. “A” is for apple. “B” is for boy and “C” is for coffee, right? It’s just enough caffeine to bring me through the rest of the day without leaving me staring at the ceiling at 2 a.m. IMG_4165



If all of this coffee talk has perked up your ears, listen up, because now you have a chance to try the Starbucks Fall Blend for FREE. Just enter my giveaway below for your chance to win one 10 ounce package. Must be 18 or older to enter. A winner will be chosen on September 20, 2014. Good Luck!

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*I was given a package of Starbucks Fall Blend to complete this review.




Starbucks Spring Blend Review & Giveaway

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, it really doesn’t matter, I have to have my coffee. As a lot of you know, I’m a bit of a coffee addict. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I love it. With that said, I’m kinda predictable and tend to always have the same brew. Boring, I know.

When I was in the “out of the house” working world, coffee time was not only a must, but also a great time to gossip and catch up with co-workers. Walks for coffee were always the best. I’ll admit, I used to have my favorite little place to go. But, one former co-worker was a Starbucks lover and introduced me to the brand. I must say, after one cup, I was hooked. But again, I ordered one drink and always stuck to it. I was (and still am) in love with the lattes. I know some of you may think it’s so simple and boring, but oh well!

Fast forward a couple of years, a couple of children, and a “work at home” life later, and I’m still a Starbucks fan. Lord knows I drink more coffee now than ever before with these two little ones! I have tried to expand my horizons, but I’ll admit, I am still boring when it comes to my coffee selections.

One day, I ventured out of my box and ordered the blonde roast. Wild, I know. But, I loved it! Another day, I went really crazy and tried the Hazelnut Macchiatos. OMG! They are my favorite! But, those are for “treat myself” days. Still, I am proud of myself for trying some new stuff.

IMG_0998With that said, I also recently tried out the Starbucks Spring Blend at home.


I know some people say coffee never tastes as good when you brew at home. Honestly, that is true sometimes. It’s just like food tastes better when someone else makes it! Anyway, in the spirit of Spring and new beginnings, I tried this new brew. After just the first sip, I really liked it. It didn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth and didn’t make my heart pound out of my chest. It was a nice, mild cup of coffee with just enough flavor. It was also light, which is great for when the weather gets a little warmer.

Will I continue to brew this at home? Absolutely. It really was that good. Have you tried it? If not, there’s a way you can get some free brews at home.  I’m giving away a pound of the Spring Blend.

Here’s what you have to do…In the spirit of Spring, I’m going to try some new drinks when I visit my local Starbucks. But, I don’t know which ones to spend my money on. So, leave a comment below telling me about your favorite Starbucks drink and why it’s your fave and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win a free pound of Starbucks Spring Blend.  You can enter until 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2014. I’ll pick the winner May 1, 2014. Good Luck! Recommend some great new drinks for me to try please!

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Starbucks Coffee Review

If you know me the least bit, you know I love my coffee. Morning, noon, and night, I rarely say no to a good brew. You could say I’m a bit of an addict, but with two little kids, can you blame me? Add all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and I’m really jolly for java 24/7! Having a nice hot cup of coffee really keeps me going, especially if it’s from Starbucks. Although I love my Hazelnut Macchiatos, I don’t have a barista just waiting to pop out of my cabinet like a jack in the box (what a great idea though!). That’s why brewing a pot of the Starbucks Holiday blend is the next best thing.


Whether it’s a late night wrapping session two nights before Christmas (I know you’re doing it too), or getting goodies together Christmas Eve morning, it’s always great to have a cup of Starbucks Holiday Blend to keep you company while everyone either just fell asleep or hasn’t even woken up yet!



I especially like this blend because of it’s mild taste. I like my coffee, but I don’t like to feel like an elf who’s going to fly off her shelf, if you know what I mean.  That’s why if I’m brewing a pot, it feels okay to go back for seconds…or even seconds and a half!

While I wouldn’t mind keeping the whole pot for myself, it is the season for sharing, so why not raise a mug with a friend!

So, if you want a chance to win a free pound of Holiday Blend to share, leave a comment below until December 30, 2013. I’ll pick a random winner on New Year’s Eve. Good Luck!


Happy Holidays!


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