Real Men Carry Wallets

   I remember when I was growing up, wallets were always at the top of the list when I had to buy a gift for my Dad. It was the one gift that was always practical and useful. For some reason it always seemed as though my Dad needed a new wallet every time a holiday rolled around.
   These days, not much has changed. As an adult, I still buy my Dad a new wallet every now and again. But, now I can add my husband to the list too. Besides there being another person to shop for, there is something else that has changed too. Over the past few decades there are so many more wallets to choose from. Just like with everything else, they are also much more stylish than they were back in the day. So, there really is something for everyone. Wallets don’t only have a practical purpose.  It also seems like they’ve become more of an accessoryand fashion piece than just something to put your money and credit cards in.
  But, what if the special guy in your life doesn’t carry a wallet? Hmmm. Some people say you better make sure they have some money!

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