Sleep Training Boot Camp

   My kids are horrible sleepers. Okay, maybe not horrible, but they certainly wouldn’t win any awards. They wouldn’t even get an honorable mention. I’ll admit, my oldest has gotten better, although she sometimes likes to come in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. But, my youngest is a problem. She’s one and I think she’s only slept through the night once during her young life. She wakes up anywhere from two to five times a night. She doesn’t just cry. She screams and wails like there is an exorcism going on. It really doesn’t get much more annoying than that. So being the sucker that I am, I would pick her up and nurse her back to sleep. Yeah, I know, bad idea. But, again, I can be a sucker. The pediatrician has been telling me I need to let her cry it out. I would just nod and smile because that never really seemed to work. That is, until now.

   Last week, we started what I like to call “Sleep Training Boot Camp”. I’ll admit I used to laugh at people who told me they had to train their kids to sleep. I even read some articles online about the different training methods, but they actually put me to sleep. Who would think that some kids need to learn how to be good sleepers? Not me. After a week or so of this stuff, I have to admit it, it actually works. I’ve followed the instructions and instead of putting her to bed asleep, I’m actually putting her down when she’s still kinda awake so she can get comfy herself.

   Fast forward a couple of hours when she wakes up. I hear the wailing through my little monitor. I wait a few minutes. If she doesn’t stop, I go in the room. I know I’m not supposed, but baby steps people. But, I don’t pick her up. I may rub her back as she body slams herself on her mattress out of frustration. But, I let her work it out. I’ll be damned, she actually does! She’s actually getting back to sleep without me doing much to help her! Are you ready for the best part? I’m actually getting some quality sleep! Score! I know we still have a ways to go before we’re not hearing a peep from her. For now, I’ll take it. Now, back to boot camp!

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