Antiques Could = Cash

   It’s that time of year when we could all use a little extra cash to complete our holiday shopping list. For some people that means picking up an extra shift at work or maybe even a seasonal job. For others it means looking at your own stuff to see what can be traded in for extra cash. What you may think is junk just lying around the house may actually be antiques that are worth money. We all have those knick knacks that have been collecting dust or that vase we toyed with selling at a tag sale, but kept for some odd reason. Come on, admit it, you know what I’m talking about here!

   It’s really interesting to see how people determine if you have a real gem on your hands or if you really have a piece of junk. While you can play a guessing game, the only true way to find out is to have someone experienced take a look for you. I know we’re all busy this time of year, but taking a little time out to see what you have may actually make you money. Even if you don’t use the money to buy something for someone else, why not buy something for yourself?

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