Flying with Kids

   Before having kids, planning a trip was as easy as having a plan, then making sure you had the money to pay for it. After kids, it became a bit more complicated. There are a lot more things to consider. Is the destination kid friendly? What kind of restaurants are there? And the big one…can we drive or do we have to take a flight?

   I know a lot of people who have taken flights with their little ones with no problems. In fact, they swear by it.  I have not yet been that adventurous. So far, we’ve only tried our luck with road tripsand it hasn’t been so bad. I’m a little apprehensive to fly because of all the baggage and extra stuff that comes along with packing for kids. Car seats and strollers don’t exactly fit in the overhead storage bins! But, a lot of parents say they’re easy to check and retrieve. They also say the kids are so fascinated with flying that they actually behave pretty well. There’s also no stopping every five miles to go potty. That must be nice! One of these days we’ll take to the friendly skies with our kids. I’m sure they will be super excited!
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