Ready, Set, Print!

   Before my daughter learned where I keep the printer paper, it used to last me forever. One package could last for months and months. But now, that is not the case. Somehow, she is using more of it than I am. She seems to be turning into a Picasso who likes to create several pieces of daily artwork. God forbid she uses the same piece of paper more than once. Don’t get me wrong, I love her creativity and would much rather she does this than sit in front of the TV. But, coloring in a coloring book wouldn’t be so bad either.

   Of course, I’ve tried to tell her to only take one or two at a time. But, how well does a three-year-old really listen? I think you know the answer. So, naturally, when I’m ready to print some coupons, because like I’ve said before, I’ve never  met a coupon I didn’t like, I find myself searching for paper. There are plenty of scribbles. Excuse me, I meant to say masterpieces…but those won’t cut it. So, that usually means a trip to the store, to pick up some more paper. Just add it to the list! A mother’s work is never done!
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