Late to Bed, Early to Rise…Ugh!

I know, I know, I talk a lot about sleep on here. But, if you’re a parent, you know that besides food and poop, sleep is right up there when it comes to popular kids’ topics. Sleep is also one of the many things you sacrifice when you join the parenting clique…that along with not getting to pee and get dressed by yourself.

Using any form of logic, it would make sense that if you went to bed later than usual, you would get up later. Right? I mean, I know that’s what used to happen to me before I got my 5, and 7 a.m. wake-up calls. But, when it comes to kids, you can throw logic out the window. Don’t try to think you’ve got them and their quirky ways figured out because they’ll just throw you curve ball after curve ball, especially when dealing with sleeping patterns.

We had some special occasions lately which meant the girls went to bed later than normal. I thought, oh thank you sweet baby Jesus! They will sleep later and if I get up a little earlier, I’ll have some silent “me” time along with my cup of Joe. Honestly, that was just downright dumb. Shame on me. They actually got up about an hour or so earlier and woke me up from my Adam Levine and Jon Bon Jovi dream. Both hotties were asking me out for a date. Just as I was about to choose, I hear “Mom, Mom…Momeeee!”. Adam? Jon? Then I hear another “Mommy”. No, neither dude because the slight scream was followed by the dash of little feet. As I opened my eyes, still waiting to hear who I picked for a date, I saw my little three-year-old angel. I could still here her little sister waiting for her one way ticket out of the crib! No date for me. I still wonder who was going to ask me out, but I digress.

Now, back to reality where once again, logic would have you assume the kids would wake up cranky and overtired. Well, you know what happens when you assume. These chicks had more energy then someone on a Red Bull I-V. I. Just. Don’t Get. It.

So, what have we learned here? There is no logic when dealing with kids. Some kids don’t need extra sleep (lucky me). Oh, and yeah, I guess it is all worth it because I know they will be teenagers one day sooner than I would like and I’ll be dragging their butts out of bed with plenty of attitude thrown at me. So, sweet dreams!

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