Oh, How Times Change!

Let’s rewind five years, pre-pregnancies and pre-kids, shall we? A Friday night used to consist of a night out…maybe a movie with the hubs, or if we were lucky some drinks and apps with friends. If we were really feeling crazy, a little trip to “da club” and some dancing.

Let’s fast forward five years, post-pregnancies and current kids, shall we? A Friday night consists of watching some cartoons, usually some Caillou and Pajanimals, followed by some playing, and then putting the kiddos to bed. Once that’s all said and done, it’s time to get crazy. Are you ready? Oh yeah, time to clean a bathroom that I haven’t had time to clean in awhile. Don’t feel sorry for me because the smell of bleach and Lysol wipes is actually refreshing. I’ll admit I actually enjoy cleaning. Plus, it was on this week’s “to-do” list and there’s only one more day to get it done before the week is up.

Once everything is scrubbed and swiffered, it’s time to really have some fun. I know, cleaning the bathroom should have been fun enough. But now, I can relax, turn on my DVR and catch up on my 14 episodes of “Young & the Restless” while I sit here and write (something else on my “to-do” list). Through a few Oreos and a glass of milk into the mix and I am one happy momma.

Okay, before you paint a big “L” on my forehead, I’m actually okay with all of this. If you told me way back when that this would actually make me happy, I would have told you to go smoke another one. But, times change, and people change with them, myself included.

Trust me, I still love to go out and hang out with the hubs or some friends, but sometimes (okay most of the time), I’m cool with staying in and doing things I need to do and really can’t do while taking care of the kids all day long. When I don’t get to do exciting things like clean, just sitting on the couch and hanging with the hubs is pure bliss. Just having quiet time, not filling sippy cups and cleaning poop, is refreshing. Now, time to cross another episode off the DVR…perhaps I can get down to 13!

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