Sister See, Sister Do

Seeing that I am an only child, my view on siblings is pretty much limited to what I saw on “Growing Pains” and all those other 80’s shows that I absolutely loved to watch growing up. Now, as the mother of two little girls, I get a front row seat of siblinghood, 24/7…unfiltered. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s ugly, sometimes it’s annoying, but it’s always a case of “sister see, sister do.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing my kids to monkeys with that analogy…okay, well, maybe sometimes. But, it really is amazing to see how much my younger daughter imitates her older sister. If big sis is done with her breakfast, so is little sis, even if she still has more than half a bowl of cereal left. If big sis grabs a Barbie to play with, little sis drops whatever she has and grabs a Barbie too. Even when big sis goes poop, little sis follows and keeps her company. Awww…how sweet! No, honestly, it’s just gross. Who wants to sit with someone while they poop? Anyone? That’s what I thought, but, I digress.

It’s also funny to see how my younger daughter reacts when her sister has a friend over to play. I can tell you that someone turns a little green with envy. While she plays along at times, she will also take toys from her sister’s playmate and point to her sister and say “mine”. It’s kinda cute, I guess!

While all the cutesy pooh stuff is great times two, the bad behavior is not. I also get a double scoop of couch jumping, ottoman standing, and goldfish crunching on my rug…just to name a few of the Olympic events that go on in my house.This stuff “times two” sucks twice as much in case you were wondering.

Since I never had a sibling I have no idea what the future holds as these girls get older. I can imagine there are going to be plenty of cat fights and plenty of slammed doors. I’m sure there will be plenty of “growing pains” too as our little games of “sister see, sister do” mature with age. I just hope they will remain “besties” and realize how lucky they are to have each other.

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