Girl Scores Big With Sofa Ads

As a mom, it’s really funny to see the types of things kids latch on to. Some kids like certain shows due to a specific character that grabs their attention. Others latch on to a catchy theme song, while others like commercials. I know my kids like those M&M commercials where the little pieces of colored chocolate sing. I have to admit they are pretty entertaining.

For one girl in the U.K., it wasn’t candy, but rather sofas that really got her going. Ten-year-old Amelia Howarth loves ads for ScS sofas. So, she decided to write to the company to let them know. Not only does she love the ads, she also apparently acts them out for her family. Talk about a fan! The company was nice enough not only to respond to her e-mail, but also to invite her family down for a behind the scenes look at how the ads are made. They even got to meet the little girl who appears in the ads Amelia loves so much. Amelia even got to share her ideas. How cool!

It’s really great to hear a company responding to a little girl so well. She will remember something like this her entire life. It just goes to show you that there are still some companies out there who care about their customers as well as kids.Who knows, maybe little Amelia will become the next big advertising executive thanks to all this attention and interest. And to think it all started with a commercial. Sometimes little things do lead to big things.

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