A Letter to My Daughter As She Starts Kindergarten

Dear Mariella,

I can’t believe you are starting Kindergarten in just one week. It may sound cliché (not that you know what that means) but it really feels like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time.

Although you’ve been going to pre-school for two years, Kindergarten is different. At least that’s what I’m told. I haven’t been there in some thirty years. Kindergarten is the start of “big kid” school. There are so many things you need to know. I know I’m not going to remember to tell you everything.

You’re about to learn so many things that your little head may spin. But, knowing you, you’ll be able to keep it all in check. You’ll learn how to write your name neater. You’re going to learn more numbers and hopefully your teachers can help you better with those pesky “2’s” and “5’s” you struggle with so much. You’re also going to learn more of those site words we started so you can read to yourself like you told me you wanted to. You can even borrow my book light that you stole off the counter.

You’re going to meet so many new kids. Some you’ll like some you won’t. Some kids may not like you either and that’s okay. I know that’s hard for you to understand. Some kids may even give you a hard time for one reason or another. That’s not cool, but it may happen, so be ready for it in case it does. It’s okay to stick up for yourself, just don’t get called into the principal’s office please.

When you’re at school, if you see or hear something that’s scary or dangerous, please tell your teacher. There are a lot of crazy things out there that I don’t want you to ever find out about, although I know someday you will. Now that you’re in “big kid” school I’m always going to be worried about your safety.

Be your own person. I know I’ve told you this so many times before, but don’t do something just because someone else is. You have a good sense of what’s right and wrong, so trust that little voice inside you.

I know you don’t like to do it, but you’re probably going to have to use the bathroom at school. You may even have to poop. It happens. Don’t fight it. Just do it. Remember no one will be there to wipe your butt or remind you to wash your hands. So please remember how very important these two things are.

I know as you make new friends, you’re probably not going to want or need me around as much. I guess that’s okay. It’s part of all the growing up you’re going to be doing over the years. Just remember, mommy is always here and I’m going to want to still do stuff with you even when you don’t want me to. Deal with it.

Oh Mariella, I can’t wait to see and hear about all the new things you’re going to do. This is such an exciting time for you. You’re probably going to deal with it a lot better than I will, so you may have to help me out a bit.

Have fun, please be good and remember to wash your hands!






2 Comments A Letter to My Daughter As She Starts Kindergarten

  1. Sarah

    This is such a sweet post. I have thought about writing a letter to my kids as they start each year, but I never actually do it.

    It’s a little strange sending our kids to school, because we can’t ‘monitor’ them all day. They may not wash their hands, or they might actually get in trouble. We can’t control everything, and that’s a little scary sometimes. lol

    Thank you for linking this up with the SHINE Blog Hop this past week!

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