Dealing with Mean Girls

We’ve all been there. Either you’ve been the target of a mean girl or you’ve been a mean girl yourself. It’s okay to admit it if you were a mean girl. I can honestly tell you I wasn’t one, but I certainly was one of their favorite targets. It doesn’t help when you have a mullet and purple-framed glasses…just saying.

As the mother of two girls, I knew dealing with mean girls was going to be part of the gig. I just didn’t realize it was going to happen so soon. My daughters are only five and almost three.

We were at a birthday party recently where a seven-year-old who was invited decided to play a game called “monster babies”. Apparently you choose which kids are the “monster babies” and you run away from them and don’t play with them. Great frickin game.  As you can probably guess, my girls along with a couple of others were the “monster babies”. That meant they were locked out of a couple of rooms while the non-monster babies yelled at them and played together.

I quickly realized what was happening and resisted the urge to deck the little ring leader. Instead I sat back to watch how my girls reacted. At first they played along, but only for a minute or so. Soon, my older daughter realized the real deal and called for her sister to come over so the two of them could play together…alone.

I was very proud that they didn’t run over to me and whine that no one was playing with them…not even the little girl who invited them to the party. She was too busy playing “monster babies”. My girls just did their own thing and had their own fun.

This dumb game went on for much of the party. As I was walking to the bathroom I saw them leave another little girl out. Tired of biting my tongue all afternoon, I told the little mastermind the other kids were not “monster babies”. I told her that was mean and that was a mean game she was playing. She just looked at me as she continued to play.

I know she didn’t care what I told her, but I felt better saying something. It’s funny because the rest of the parents thought it was a cute and funny game. No one said anything. Yeah, not so much for me.

I always tell my girls to include everyone, especially when there are some kids who may not know each other. I’ve had plenty of parties at my house with all kinds of kids. I can’t think of one time when some were purposely left out in the name of “fun”. Some people may think I overreacted because “kids will be kids”. I can tell you, you will never catch a game of “monster babies” in my house.







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