I’m Not a SAHM, I’m a Household CEO

After I had a child, I was labeled a “mom”.

When I worked, I was a “working mom” or a “WAHM” as all the cool kids call it.

Now that I don’t work out of the home, I’m a “stay-at-home mom”, otherwise known as a “SAHM”.

Or am I?



As I was recently writing another post about being a mom who doesn’t work outside the home, a little light bulb went on in my head.

I’m not a stay-at-home mom or a SAHM.

I am a “Household CEO”.

This position includes a slew of duties. Here are just a few:

I effectively lead “the organization”, A.K.A. my family, so that everyone can be as successful as possible, myself included.

I coordinate morning schedules so that everyone is up, fed, and dressed in time for school or any other place we need to go.

I strategically plan activities so that my children are well-rounded and educated, but not exhausted.

I try to create unique menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in hopes that something healthy lands on their plates. “Try” being the operative word here.

I interact with the CFO of the house to make sure I adhere to a budget. This means couponing and shopping methodically. Many times this also entails actually creating a budget. By the way, this is a talent and it’s not being “cheap”. It’s being economical and smart.

I teach my children the basics of life as well as educate them to supplement what they are learning in school.

Sometimes, I need to include the input of the Board of Directors (A.K.A my children). This is only done in dire situations. Sometimes the Board does not share the same vision of the organization. This is highly annoying.

I also try to instill values of the organization so that all members can be respectful and thrive.

Whew…I’m exhausted just making this list! I know there are so many other things I do, as do other woman who do not work outside of the home. I also understand that many mothers who do work outside the home do many, if not all of these things too.

I just feel that the”Household CEOs” are more often looked down upon because we are not bringing home a weekly paycheck. Many think we are uneducated and couldn’t possibly get a “real” job. Others think we are members of some elite group that lies around all day watching TV or getting our nails done. Both of these scenarios couldn’t be more unrealistic. If you stay at home to raise your children you should feel empowered, not ashamed.

Many women who have taken time off from their careers to solely raise their children fear the response they will receive when and if they return to the working world. What will prospective employers think about a three year professional gap? Are they going to think we were lazy?

Should we put down that we were stay-at-home moms? Will we be passed over if we do?

What about if we put down “Household CEO”? I’m sure many employers would laugh. Others might think of it as highly creative.

When it’s time to revamp my résumé, I think I’m opting for “Household CEO”. If someone finds it funny or stupid, then they’re obviously someone who doesn’t deserve my talents. I’m sure many others will see the skills used as a “Household CEO” are extremely useful in the working world.

What’s your take on all of this?






4 Comments I’m Not a SAHM, I’m a Household CEO

  1. Debbie

    Hi Kristina, I love the sound of being a Household CEO! I always say I’m the glue of the family; not really visible, but without me the household and all it’s occupants would fall apart!

    A SAHM should never be made to feel less of a person just she stays at home doing one of the most important jobs in the world (with very little thanks). I think that these days too much is expected of Mums. We are expected to keep things running at home and to go out and work. I hate it when people ask me what I do as it’s inevitably a conversation stopper. Maybe if I answer Household CEO they’d be a little more impressed!

    Sometimes I think even my husband doesn’t get what I do. I get up at 6am and quite often I’m still busy at 8pm….That’s a fourteen hour working day!

    1. Kristina Cappetta

      I know Debbie! I’m the first one up at 5:30 so I can go to the gym and usually the last one to sleep around 11 so that I can stay up and get things done when the kids go to bed! A very long work day, with no OT, lol!

  2. Lysa @ Welcome To My Circus

    Hi Kristina!

    I also worked in the news industry but as a newspaper reporter. And like you writing is my way of keeping sane…well most days that is. ( ;

    That being said I couldn’t agree more with the job title “Household CEO.” Chosing to stay home with our children is far more work than working outside the home use to be for me. It is unfortunate that others do not realize the importance of what we are doing.

    It has been four years now and I have finally quit caring about what others think about my choice to stay home with my two beautiful daughters. They are both teenagers now and I find being at home with them is more crucial now then ever before.

    Thanks for opening my eyes to the title of “Household CEO.” From this day forward I shall list my current occupation as such.

    Wishing you a blessed week!


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