Why We Need to Tell Our Kids They’re Special

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time telling your kids to stop fighting, stop coloring on the floor, stop being fresh, etc. I’m sure you can insert your own “stop”. When they don’t listen, that “stop” goes up by about four octaves along with your blood pressure. This scenario probably happens a few times a day so that by the end of the day you’re tired of hearing your own voice. You’re counting the minutes until bed time only to start the day and do the same thing all over again.


I was thinking about all of this the other night while my girls were peacefully watching “Caillou”. (See, he does come in handy for something.) Anyway, I was thinking about all the time I spend telling my kids “no” or “stop” or just let out a sigh in frustration to some annoying behavior that’s going on. Then, I thought about all the time I tell my kids I love them or tell them something positive. Sure I always tell them I love them when I drop them off for school and before bed. I always tell them they’ve done a good job when they bring home a piece of artwork or finish a hard puzzle at home.

But, how many times do I tell them how special they are “just because”?


Obviously not enough.

So, I’m making it my mommy mission to make sure they know.

That night, I took each of them on my lap and asked them if they knew how special they were. They nodded their head “yes”. But, I still told them again. I also told them how smart they are and just how wonderful overall. They needed to hear it. I needed to hear myself say it.

They smiled and gave me a hug.

Mission accomplished.

It’s so hard to get caught up in the craziness of each day that we sometimes forget how big the little things are. Things that may seem silly…like telling your kids how special they are. Kids need to hear those positive things, just as much, if not more than hearing what they’re doing wrong all the time.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that they are just kids…kids who need to hear they’re special.




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