Birthdays, Bacon & Lobster

As we get older, we tend to like to forget our birthdays.

I’ve always said I stopped counting after 30.

Sure it’s nice to have a little cake and maybe get a present or two, but as you get older, the helium seems to get sucked out of the balloons faster than you can say “Happy Birthday.”

Things couldn’t be further from the truth for kids.

A birthday is like Christmas’ first cousin, but even better.

It’s a child’s own special day. No one can take it away from her. She may have to share it with a person or two, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still her birthday. Believe me, kids know when it’s their birthday.

My older daughter turns 6 this week. She’s been talking about this birthday ever since last birthday. She knows she wants bacon for breakfast and lobster for dinner…yes, lobster. I know, it’s obnoxious that a 5 year-old eats lobster, but we deal. Sure, it can get a little much, but that’s okay. It truly does warm your heart to see a child’s face just light up with excitement and anticipation.

Of course as a child gets older, she is more aware of what a birthday can mean…a party, presents, special food…it’s all a part of the package if they’re lucky. I always tell my daughter not to expect too much because then you may get disappointed!

While kids are dreaming of presents and chocolate cake, birthdays take on a new meaning when you become a parent. If you’re anything like me, you find birthdays bittersweet. Of course their birthdays are fun. But, my kids’ birthdays are always a time for me to think about just how fast they’re growing up. While it may sound cliché, time flies and they get so big in the blink of an eye. Each birthday I can remember each of their births like they were yesterday. I can remember the exact moment when the doctor placed each of them in my arms for the first time. If I close my eyes, I can almost fell their baby soft skin.

Each year when they blow out their candles, I wonder what, if anything they’re wishing for. Whatever it is, I hope it comes true if it makes them happy. As a mother, I always make a little wish for them too as they blow out their candles. Of course I never tell them. You know what they say, if you tell someone your wish, it doesn’t come true.

As they get older, I know they’ll want a lot more than bacon and lobster…although I can’t imagine a fancier meal! For now, though, I’ll take it.








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