Overheard at Bedtime Prayer: Part 2

About six months ago, I told you all about some of the crazy and silly things my girls are thanking God for during bedtime prayer. Well, the hits keep on coming. I am extremely glad that they are keeping up with their prayers and still have things to be grateful for. The day they’re not thankful for something is the day that I think I’m in trouble. Now that my older daughter has started her CCD classes, she’s getting a little more creative with her prayers and such. Just the other day she told her teacher she was thankful for “Target”…as in the store that I frequent at least twice a week! I would have loved to hear the teacher’s response to that one.

Here are some other things my girls have been thanking God for lately…some of them are a real hoot!

“Thank you God I had guacamole today.”

“Thank you God I had lots of sugar today.”

“Thank you God I’m buying lunch today.” (This one really made me laugh because I guess my homemade lunches aren’t cutting it!)

“Thank you God I had corn for dinner.”

“Thank you God for my wonderful mommy (Awww…). I’m never going to throw her away.” (Umm…thanks? That’s comforting.)

“Thank you God I had soccer today.”

“Thank you God I looked beautiful today.”

“Thank you God I went to Nuvita.”

“Thank you God I had pasta for lunch.”

“Thank you God I played with play-doh today.” (Mommy is not thankful for the mess you left behind, but I’m glad you were happy.)

“Thank you God I had cupcakes.”

“Thank you God I went to Kohl’s.”

And these are only the ones I remember! There are so many everyday things that we would never think to thank God for. But, my girls do! I can’t want to hear what they come up with next.

What’s the funniest thing your child has ever been grateful for?



Overheard at Bedtime Prayers

About a year ago, I decided it was time to start having my girls say prayers at night. We go to church every week, but I honestly don’t know how many prayers are being said in between coloring and shoving goldfish down their throats. I figured night time would be best since it is the quietest and most low key part of our day.

Although we go to church, I can’t say I’m an overly religious person. That’s why when it came to saying prayers, I was looking for a little guidance from above. I knew we were going to start with the sign of the cross. After that, I honestly drew a blank! I knew we could go into an “Our Father” or “Hail Mary”, but I didn’t want my girls to just memorize and recite a prayer. I wanted it to mean something and come from their little hearts.

As I sat in bed with them, I guess God was answering my prayer when he gave me a little inspiration. For some reason I told them to start this way:


“Dear God,

Keep my family safe. Thank you for everything.”

Then I told each of them to think of one special thing to be grateful for each night.

This is where it gets interesting.

“God, thank-you for letting me FaceTime my (fill in the blank with the family member.)

“God, thank-you I had ice cream today.”

“God, thank-you I colored today.”

“God, thank-you we went to the movies and ate popcorn today.”

“God, thank-you I went to my friend’s house today.”

“God, thank-you I pooped today.”

“God, thank-you I played with chalk today.”

“God, thank-you I made cookies with my mom today.”

“God, thank-you I watched Peppa Pig today.”

“God, thank-you I played with my Barbies today.”

And the list goes on. These are just some of the ones that stick out because they are so sweet, innocent, and funny sometimes. I don’t know how many adults thank God that they poop everyday!

Although they give me a good laugh, I know they are really thinking about what to be thankful for, and for that I am thankful. In the end, the little things truly are the big things and that’s all that matters.

Dear Daylight Saving Time, You’re Wreaking Havoc on My Home

Dear Daylight Saving Time,

I know everyone was so happy to see you this week. Truth be told, so was I. I loved the extra hour of sunlight you were bringing at the end of each day. I even bragged in a Tweet that my kids weren’t affected and we were all as happy as peas and carrots.

Fast forward three days and I’m beginning to wish you never came.

You are wreaking havoc on my kids’ sleep schedule!

Every night, my girls can not go to sleep. At all. Did you hear me DST? I said at ALL!

Why? Oh…I don’t know maybe because they see the sun later in the day and they say it’s not “night night” time yet. Maybe it’s because it’s still dark when they were normally getting up and they say it’s not morning yet.  Maybe it’s because I am peeling them out of their beds in the morning (or mine) and they are falling back to sleep on the couch before school.

I know we’re all supposed to be doing cartwheels and sipping lemonade because we are gaining more daylight, but in my house. It has been torture. My kids are so overtired that they’re off the walls because their sleep schedule is so messed up!

If you think I’m the only one cursing your name, think again. I’ve talked to plenty of other mothers whose children have turned into the walking dead because of you. The kids have also developed little attitudes because they’re tired. It’s like puberty came early.  Why don’t you come and play mommy one night in one of our houses? Then you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Once summer rolls around I’m sure I’ll want you to be my BFF again because we can play outside after dinner and enjoy the warm breeze.  At least then we can be more loose with our bedtimes and the kids can sleep until whenever they want without walking around like toddler zombies after school. We won’t be whiney and sound like Caillou’s long lost sibling, because that makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spork. That’s a spoon/fork combo for those of you who don’t know.

Here’s an idea, can you come during a school vacation week next time? At least then we can have one week to get used to you and your crazy sun-filled evenings. I know the chances of that happening are slim to none, but a momma can try.

I know you and your clock forwarding ways are not going to change.

Annoyed & Exhausted,





Finally…A Study That Makes Me Feel Better

It seems like every study that comes out makes me feel like a bad parent. But, finally there is one that has me singing Alleluia!

Apparently, kids over two who nap may have a harder time sleeping at night. They apparently take longer to fall asleep at bedtime and have a poorer quality of sleep compared with kids who don’t nap.

My kids stopped napping before age 2. They still wouldn’t win any awards for “Best Sleeper”. Nevertheless, this study makes me feel better, so be sure to check it out.

How about you? Do your kid still nap? Are they good bedtime sleepers?

Are Your Kids “Plugged In” at Night?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit both of my girls have TVs in their bedrooms. The one in my 5-year-old’s room is old as sin and has the gigantic back to prove it. The one in my 3-year-old’s room is tiny and not even plugged in because we don’t have a cable cord running to it. But, it’s still there, just taking up space.

Although my older daughter has a TV in her room, I can count the times on one hand that she actually watches it…even at night. We usually watch our night shows together on the couch. The funny thing is they don’t really enjoy watching television in their beds. So, I guess that’s a good thing.

A new study shows we shouldn’t keep TVs or small electronics in our children’s rooms if we want them to sleep better. Besides all the screen time rules we’ve heard about, it makes sense for other reasons too. Obviously your kid isn’t going to want to go to sleep if he or she is too busy finding out if Doc McStuffins fixed Lamby. Also all the bright lights and sounds are too much stimulation when you want them to sleep.

Do your kids have TVs in their rooms? Do you allow them to watch TV before bed?