Mommy Blogging Has Evolved into Big Business

If you’re a mommy blogger or are thinking about becoming one, check out this informative guest post from Jessica about how mommy blogging has evolved into big business.

There are now more than 4.2 million mommy bloggers on the Internet and they have become a powerful marketing army for businesses. Over time, blogging has evolved from just talking about the day to day adventures of being a parent, to incorporating sponsorship and reviews.

According to research, Moms now mention brands 73 times per week on average on their blogs and with their huge online networks, brands are increasingly recognizing this unique opportunity for them. Mom bloggers have a huge list of subscribers to their blogs along with their other social media. A popular and established mom blog is expected to have a monthly audience of around 20,000 or more views. When brands work with blogs, they can tap into those followers.

A 2012 poll showed that 61% of U.S. online shoppers make purchasing decisions based on recommendations they’ve seen on a blog. It’s no wonder then that there is money to be made from mommy blogging.


Mommy Took a Sick Day & the World Didn’t Come to an End

As a mother, I often feel as though I can’t get sick. No stomach bugs, no colds, no flu, no nothin’. There just isn’t time for that. Moms can’t get sick because they have to take care of everyone else. If they get sick, the kids and everyone else in the house won’t be able to function. There will be a code red. Everyone will starve. The house will go to shambles. The kids will be dirty and get fleas. It will be a nightmare. So, the easiest solution is for mommy to never get sick. Ever.

But, what happens when mommy’s been fighting off a cold for days? What happens when even three nights of NyQuil doesn’t knock the nasty germs out of her body? What happens when mommy can’t stop coughing at night? What happens when mommy goes to the gym and somehow pulls a neck and shoulder muscle so badly on a spinning bike that she can’t turn her head right and feels like Zoolander (the only difference being he couldn’t turn left)? So now mommy is a coughing fool who can’t move. Does mommy call a timeout and take a sick day?


Do you hear the crickets?

Normally, I would say no way. Mommy does not take a sick day. I repeat, mommy does not take a sick day. Mommy pops some Advil and chugs some cough syrup. Mommy sucks it up and pushes through. Mommy pretends her head is not throbbing and that she really can turn her neck both ways without wanting to scream. Mommy does not take a sick day.

But, today, this mommy did. Some may call it a sign of weakness. I call it taking care of yourself first for a change. This mommy skipped the gym despite the nagging muffin top. This mommy called out sick to one of the only two days a week of a freelancing gig despite feeling silly for doing so. This mommy let daddy take the kids to school and grandma’s house. This mommy slept for another two-and-a-half hours and then stayed in her jammies for the entire morning. This mommy watched some of her shows in the DVR. This mommy took a long hot shower without trying to break some Olympic record for taking the shortest one. This mommy drank her morning coffee…hot.

Guess what? This mommy felt wonderful. Guess what else? The world didn’t come to an end. The kids had a great day at school and at grandma’s. The house did not look like a pig pen. The kids were not malnourished. Everyone survived and was pretty darn happy.

It’s strange how we sometimes think we are not allowed to be human just because we have the title of “mother”. Being human means getting sick. Being human means taking time to rest and recharge. Sometimes being human means knowing when to take a timeout…for yourself.

While I may not feel 100% better at the end of my sick day, I feel a whole lot better than I would have if I tried to be some crazy superwoman. I feel much better than trying to prove to everyone that I am invincible.

Guess what? Mommies do get sick. Guess what else? Mommies can take a sick day. Guess what else? Everyone will be just fine…even you!

At What Age Are Kids Most Lovable?

So, as I’m sitting here with my morning coffee as the kids are still sleeping (on a day off, no doubt, score one for Mom), I came across this article talking about when kids are the most lovable. In my current situation, I would say right at this minute when they’re asleep…lol. But, all kidding aside, this study found that kids are the most lovable at age 5. It’s probably because they can feed themselves, go to the bathroom themselves, and dress themselves.

I don’t know if I agree. Being the parent of a now 6 year-old, I can tell you that there is a little sassiness at age 5. There’s a little bit of the “I got this Mom” attitude every now and again. There’s a bit of the eye roll too. That’s not very lovable. So, I’m going to disagree with this study and say that kids are most lovable when they’re just born. There’s an innocence about them at this stage that is undeniable. They have that “new baby” smell that you can inhale for hours. They are so fragile, yet so strong. They just want hugs and cuddles…and a bottle.

Do you agree with this study? Are kids most lovable at age 5? What age would you say?

Finally…A Study That Makes Me Feel Better

It seems like every study that comes out makes me feel like a bad parent. But, finally there is one that has me singing Alleluia!

Apparently, kids over two who nap may have a harder time sleeping at night. They apparently take longer to fall asleep at bedtime and have a poorer quality of sleep compared with kids who don’t nap.

My kids stopped napping before age 2. They still wouldn’t win any awards for “Best Sleeper”. Nevertheless, this study makes me feel better, so be sure to check it out.

How about you? Do your kid still nap? Are they good bedtime sleepers?

Breastfeeding Mom Booted From Victoria’s Secret

So, I was just surfing the internet this morning and came across this annoying story. Apparently a mom in Texas was told she couldn’t breastfeed inside a Victoria’s Secret store. The mom asked if she could use an empty dressing room, but was told no. If that wasn’t bad enough, she was told to go outside the store to do it! So, she chose to go into a public restroom (yuck!). If she was bottle feeding no one would tell her she couldn’t give her crying baby a bottle inside the store.

Victoria’s Secret has apologized and will apparently give the woman a $150 gift card for her troubles. It’s just a shame that things like this are still happening so often. Women should be able to do something as natural as breastfeed their baby whenever they need to without feeling like they are doing something wrong.

What do you think about all this?