Mommy Blogging Has Evolved into Big Business

If you’re a mommy blogger or are thinking about becoming one, check out this informative guest post from Jessica about how mommy blogging has evolved into big business.

There are now more than 4.2 million mommy bloggers on the Internet and they have become a powerful marketing army for businesses. Over time, blogging has evolved from just talking about the day to day adventures of being a parent, to incorporating sponsorship and reviews.

According to research, Moms now mention brands 73 times per week on average on their blogs and with their huge online networks, brands are increasingly recognizing this unique opportunity for them. Mom bloggers have a huge list of subscribers to their blogs along with their other social media. A popular and established mom blog is expected to have a monthly audience of around 20,000 or more views. When brands work with blogs, they can tap into those followers.

A 2012 poll showed that 61% of U.S. online shoppers make purchasing decisions based on recommendations they’ve seen on a blog. It’s no wonder then that there is money to be made from mommy blogging.


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