Help! I Don’t Wanna Dress Like a Mommy

   Okay, so with Spring here, I decided to venture out and do some shopping for the season. See, I’ve been pregnant two out of the four past Springs/Summers and really don’t have much that isn’t a) fit for a hippopotamus or b) out of style. Armed with my thirty percent Kohl’s discount and some gift cards, I was pumped and so ready to get out of my t-shirt and yoga pants, no matter how comfy they are.

   Yeah, just one problem…where do I start? There were some fun tanks with sequins. Nope, too dressy for spit-up and poop, although they’d make me look hot. What about the Dockers collection? Try, not on your life for $100, Alex. Nope, just can’t do it. Oooh…look at the fun party dresses. They’re really cute. But, where am I going to wear those? To my daughter’s tea parties? Nope and too gosh darn bad, because they’re really pretty.

   Don’t look over there. Don’t you dare. New T-shirts!! Nope, promised I wouldn’t do it. But, what about the patterned tanks? Hmmm…They say fun and casual, without going crazy. They’ll probably get spit on, but oh well. We’ll get two. We’re making some progress. What now? Jeans? There are some really cute ones, but they may give me a muffin top. And oh no, there are the “mom jeans”. Ahh…flashback to a couple of weeks ago where I saw a woman with those on and some white leather Reebok to top it off. Put me on a sit and spin with pine needles. Won’t do it. But, what the heck am I supposed to wear to go do errands, go on play dates, and hang out in the house? T-shirt and yoga pants, right? I mean the pants do make my butt look good. But, I gotta get out of the slump, ya know?

   Okay, so I compromised with some shirts that have some cute ruffles for the days I do errands. I picked up the patterned tanks for the days we hang out and do play dates…they do look fab under my little hoodies and will be great in the summer. I decided to wait a while for some new bottoms. Maybe I can shrink the muffin top to just a munchkin. The good news… no more yoga pants or plain t-shirts ended up in my car as tempting as it was. The bad news…no really cool clothes found a new home in my closet either. So, I was kinda bummed about that one. I swear they need to have a section called “you’re no longer in maternity clothes woman, this is what ladies wear today.” Yeah, I know I’m dreaming. Until that happens I just know I don’t want to dress like a mommy!

2 Comments Help! I Don’t Wanna Dress Like a Mommy

  1. Kate

    Girl, you gotta get outta that slump! Leave the kiddos with the hubby & hit the mall! Forever 21 has so many sections and a great selection for girls/women of all ages, plus it is all [mostly] in fashion I have to be dragged away from some of the nostalgia items with sunflowers right now lol But, remember, dressing up to stay at home isn’t a bad thing it surprisingly makes you feel good!

  2. Lauren

    I have this issue all the time! I recently lost the baby weight (finally) after having two kids… and now when I go shopping I’m like, “Should I dress like this? Is this even in style?”


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