The Good, The Bad, and The Potty

   A few months back I wrote about the trials of potty training my oldest daughter. A few accidents and several loads of laundry later, I am happy to say ciao ciao to the diapers and hello to our new BFF Mrs. Potty. That’s the good part, along with saving a few bucks each month. But, before I toilet paper the bathroom in celebration, I have to admit sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I know, I know, I’m never happy.

   Here’s the bad part. I can now say I’ve been to just about every bathroom just about everywhere you can think of. Stores, restaurants, even hospitals. If I’m having a really good day, I get to see them a few times during each visit. I know, don’t be jealous. One time while we were eating out, I heard “mommy, pee pee”, a total of four times. I spent more time in the bathroom than at the table! Two of those times were false alarms though. Nevertheless, you can never be so sure. Another time we were at a place where the bathrooms were up a narrow hallway. After our third trip, I told her to just go in her pull-up. I know, I know, bad mommy. But, she wouldn’t. Good girl, I guess. Needless to say that was my workout for the day.

   Our new thing though is to go into a public bathroom, check out the toilet, and then shake our head in disgust and walk out. I can’t really tell if she had to go in the first place or is writing a book about the best and worst toilets. I hope she’s not on a path of becoming one of those people who can only go to the bathroom at home. Boy will we be in trouble!

   It really is a love-hate relationship with the good old potty. She loves it and sometimes I hate to take her. But, there’s no turning back now.

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