What if Babies Were Born With Teeth?

   Okay, so if you’ve ever gone through labor, the thought of a baby being born with teeth is enough to make you want to curl up in a fetal position. But, as a mother dealing with a teething baby, I have to tell you, it may not be as bad as what I am dealing with now. It may sound twisted, but when you are woken up four times a night, within six hours a few nights a week, your mind darts into some dark places. This is one of them.

  So, what if babies were born with teeth? First and foremost, breastfeeding may be a challenge to say the least. My cut off for breastfeeding is when a tooth pops up. You can’t rip a nip. Enough said. If babies had teeth, maybe they could eat real food sooner. It’s not like you would serve a t-bone for his first meal, but it would be nice to offer something substantial.

  If babies were born with teeth, there would be no use for those dumb teething rings.  They never really worked for my kids. My first child would keep it in her mouth for a few seconds then throw it on the ground. My six month old wears it as a bracelet now after she puts it in her mouth for awhile. At least the girl can accessorize. Another thing…without teething rings, you would have to find another cheap basket stuffer for all those baby showers.

   If babies were born with teeth, there would also be no use for baby Orajel. Another useless product in my book. I always end up getting the gel on their tongues or lips and they scream even more because now they can’t feel anything except for something ripping their gums apart.

   No one said teething was fun. The poor babies are just downright miserable and so are the parents. So since babies are not born with teeth I raise my third cup of coffee to more sleepless nights, crying, drooling, and fussiness. And that’s just me! One thing is for sure. Teething really bites.

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