Put a Label on It

   One of my most favorite things to do over the holidays is wrap Christmas presents. I like to wait for the kids to go to bed (really how much wrapping will you get accomplished otherwise?), get a cup of cocoa or glass of wine (usually number two), put on some holiday tunes, and get wrapping. Like I’ve said before sometimes you need to pack up those gifts and ship them off to grandma’s house. If you want to make sure they get over the meadow and through the woods, you better make sure you put a label on it. 
   Those labels are also good if you have to organize stuff. Honestly, what momma out there doesn’t have some organizing to do? Unless your name is Martha Stewart, I’m sure a little labeling wouldn’t hurt  any of us in the organization department! Labels are great when it comes to organizing your kids old clothes or toys, especially if you’re planning on handing them down to a family member or friend. At least this way you find those size 3 shirts without going through all of those storage bins in the basement! Just think of all the time you can save. Time to go label some more stuff and get organized!

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