Running Low on Ink is Annoying

    It’s one of life’s little annoyances. You’ve either spent the better part of your day writing up some important stuff or downloading some pictures when you go to hit the print button and the finished product comes out blank. If you’re like me, you’ve ignored the “low ink” messages for the last twenty or so prints and now that you really need it, you’re out of ink. If you’re also like me, you always forget to write down the kind of ink you need so that once you get to the store you have no idea what to get. Epic fail…how annoying!
   So here are some simple tips. First of all, don’t ignore those ink warnings. It would just save a lot of time and aggravation to replace the cartridge when you’re supposed to. It’s like filling your gas tank before you hit “E”. Contrary to what you might believe, “E” does not stand for excellent, at least not in this case. Number two, write down what you’re supposed to get before you head out to the store. Think of it as if you’re going out to the grocery store. I know it sounds easy, but sometimes the easiest things are the hardest!

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