Finding the Right Fit

   As women, we have a lot more clothing options than men do. That’s part of the fun of being a woman. We have our skirts, our dresses, our different coats, and of course our underwear. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to revert to buying “granny panties”. You know which ones I’m talking about…those ones you can buy in multi-packs in any old store. Can you say boring?

   I’m not saying we all need to or can afford to shop at Victoria’s Secret. But it’s ok to treat yourself a little bit too when it comes to bras and underwear. You don’t have to buy your underwear where you buy your shampoo. We all know how much our bodies change after having kids. Things start sagging and can get a little jiggly too. If they don’t, then you’re not human! Either that or you have extremely good genes and you should be eternally grateful! If you decide to breastfeed your kids, things may start sagging a little quicker too! That’s why it’s really important to find the right bra. Those suckers did some major combat, so it’s only right to reward them, right?
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