Time to Play Dress Up

   New Year’s Eve is almost here. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you have plans to go to a party where crayons aren’t a staple. If you are, then you better take advantage and play dress up. If you have little girls you probably play dress up all the time. No matter how old you are, there’s something magical about slipping on a dress and some high heels, especially if you’re usually walking around in jeans and sneakers. It really makes you feel like a woman.

   If you’re not used to dressing up, you may actually find yourself at a loss for what to wear. I remember going shopping last year for post maternity clothes. I felt like I needed my own personal shopper. Sometimes you get so caught up with being a mom that you forget what’s hot and what’s not, all you know is that you are falling under the “not” column more often. I found the best bet is to check out some popular stores and see what you “should” be wearing and then modify it for what you can wear and afford. As long as you don’t get stopped by the fashion police, you should be alright!
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