Ready, Set, Shop!

   I love to shop. I know a lot of women out there are with me on this one. I think there’s just something in our DNA. Whether its jeans, shirts, dresses, or jackets, there’s just something about buying a new item. If you’re lucky enough to do it without kids, it takes on a magic of its own. If you can’t swing that, online shopping really isn’t a bad way to go. I have to admit before kids I never really bought clothing online. But, once you have kids, you do a lot of things you never did before.

   To be honest, online shopping is really not bad and is so much easier when you have kids. You don’t have to lug around the stroller. You don’t have to stop at every potty in the mall, and you can browse for as long as you want without a salesperson bugging you or your child having the meltdown of the century. I’ve really come to like it, especially around the holidays when the stores are so crazy with super long lines. If you’re lucky enough to get free shipping, there’s really no reason not to try it. A warning though…once you do, you may get hooked.

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