It’s My Blogaversary!

We all know the cliché, “time flies when you’re having fun”, or in this case, raising kids. This week marks my two year blogaversary. Instead of sending me flowers, I’ll take some Dunkin’ K-cups, but I digress. I really can’t get over the fact that I’ve been rambling on about my life in mommy land for two years now. When I started, I only had one little momma running around. Now, there are two. When I started, I was working out of the house. Now, I am home, working on raising my family and getting some writing done. When I started, I was infatuated with my offspring. Now, I still am.

So, why did I start blogging? In case you’re wondering, and even if you’re not, I just wanted a place to vent about motherhood. I never knew where to do it, uncensored, besides in my head. Then some of my former co-workers started these blog things, and I thought, hell, I can do that too. So, I did, and here we are two years later.

So, why am I still doing this two years later? It must be for all the truckloads of cash that arrive at my doorstep every week, right? Excuse me while I laugh a bit, no excuse me…a lot!! Any blogger can tell you, the bucks ain’t big. But, the experience can open more doors and opportunities. That is the truth in my case. My little ramblings secured me a regular blogging gig as Debate Mom on I’ve also taken advantage of some product reviews and other freelance writing opportunities. I can’t forget the other bloggers I’ve also met online. So, all in all, not too shabby.

Perhaps the main reason I still do this, besides maintaining my own sanity, is because other moms tell me they actually enjoy reading my ramblings, and can actually relate. Some mothers have told me my little stories have actually made them feel better, like they weren’t the only ones with certain mommy issues. That is big in my book because it also helps me out. I also feel like I’m not in this alone.

It looks like I’ll still be at this for awhile because each day my kids do more things that make me laugh, cry, scream, or a little combo of all three. Besides my kids, there are also still plenty of things out there to write about as long as people in the world constantly irk me, like the Facebook COO, but I digress. So, I’ll be here writing. Hopefully, you’ll still be here reading. Oh, and tell a friend too! Thanks 🙂

p.s. I went back to read my very first post, check it out if you haven’t!

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