Nothing Funny About the Easter Bunny

As a mom there are “those” pictures that are a must for your photo album. You know what I’m talking about. You have the shot of your kid blowing out his candles every year. You have those family vacation pics with the perfect scenic background because every three year old wants to have his picture taken with the sun setting at just the right time. Then there are the holiday shots. You gotta have the Santa pics and if you have the jolly old guy, you need to have the fluffy bug-eyed one. Oh yeah, it’s the Easter Bunny.

I admit, I love to have the perfect pictures of my kids. Of course all the pictures my kids are in are perfect. I know as their mother I’m supposed to believe that, but that’s not the truth. There are some pictures where one looks like a criminal while the other is sticking her neck out like a giraffe. This year’s Easter Bunny photo was definitely not picture perfect and really cracked my eggs.

Why you may ask? Well, because my one and half year old would not go near the fluffy guy. My three and a half year old was ready to invite him over for dinner, while the little one had no use for him…not even for a stinkin’ picture. She clung onto my jacket for dear life as her sister sat there and talked to this big headed creature that just sat there. Baby girl would not have any part of it. As much as I wanted a picture with my two girls, I wasn’t going to be “that” mom who forced her kid to sit there in panic just for a snapshot. So, instead, I have a picture with one smiley toddler and an empty leg of the bunny dude where my other child should have been. The funny thing is that while she didn’t want to take a picture with him, she did say goodbye to him and she did blow him a kiss. I just don’t get it!

So, since that one didn’t work out, I thought I would try again with a different bunny. Well, different bunny, still not so funny. Once again she was ready to throw a freak out while her sister didn’t want to leave. Now, I have two lovely pictures of my older daughter with the Easter bunny and none with my little one. I considered photo shopping her in, but decided that would be borderline creepy. I will just have to settle and accept the fact that bunnies aren’t for everyone, especially if they have abnormally large heads and hang out in the mall 24/7.

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