Let Your Kids Leap Ahead This Summer

It’s almost here. It’s the time of year kids look forward to all year long…summer.  Its three months of fun without going to school and without having to set an alarm. But, just because kids are turning off their alarm clocks, doesn’t mean they should be turning off their brains too. Three months is a long time to go without learning something, don’t you think?

As parents, we continuously hear about how we should always read to our kids. But, what about helping them keep up in math too? It’s just as important. During the summer, there is plenty of time to slip in some math lessons to keep their brains fresh and help them get ahead for the fall. Leap Ahead is a great online program that offers just that, without breaking the bank. Problem solving, algebra, and geometry are just a few of the topics covered.

If your child is entering grades three through nine, this is a great opportunity. LeapAhead! Online Summer Math Program even offers a gifted program for parents and children who want a greater challenge. Whichever program you choose, there are plenty of exercisesto keep your child’s mind active.

Summer Practice = Fall Success

Why not take advantage today?


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