She’s the Town Crier

It’s no secret that my three and a-half year old loves to talk. I wonder where she gets that from?Anyway, she just doesn’t tell you what she’s doing or what project she might have made at school. She loves to tell my business. That’s why I now call her The Town Crier.

Most times, I don’t mind. But there are times when I don’t want people to know that I went to Target for the third time in a week or that we had to rush to Sam’s Club because I had no more diapers in the house although I could have sworn I bought another pack. There’s also the times when she lets people know I took her to McDonald’s for lunch and let her have a soda. I love the looks I get for that one.

From what I made or may not have made her for dinner to what we did all day, she makes sure everyone knows what we’re up to. She’s also makes sure everyone knows what I’m talking about on the phone. I resorted to talking in code or spelling things, but now she’s on to me. Those little ears know too much sometimes.

If you want someone to know something, just tell her. Right before Mother’s Day, my husband took her and her sister shopping. He made the mistake of letting her see where he hid my present. When I came home, she pointed to a high cabinet in the kitchen and said (in the cutest voice), “Mommy,there’s a present in there for you.” I started laughing. My husband just stared at her and reminded her she wasn’t supposed to tell.

She even tells on her sister. I don’t have to worry if the little one is doing something wrong, because she’ll let me know. I think this is going to get her in trouble one of these days. But for now, she’s my little town crier.

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