Butler Boots Review

Kids and boots. They either love ’em or hate ’em. Sometimes they’re too clunky. Other times they don’t do their job…like protecting little feet from rain and snow.  Whatever the case, finding the right pair of boots for your child isn’t always easy.



That’s where Butler Boots come in. Your child doesn’t even need to take off his shoes. These rubber boots simply slip on over whatever shoes your child happens to have on. I recently had my kids try these on for size.


I found that sneakers worked best as the “base shoe” if you will. They were durable and had a straight bottom for the most part. The boot just slipped on over their sneakers. No drama. They were ready to take on Mother Nature…we all at least the puddles she was leaving behind!

These boots seemed comfortable for them. I didn’t hear any complaints! The most important part is that Butler Boots kept their feet dry. Butler Boots are a great alternative to regular rain boots. For my kids, I found that ordering a size up worked out best.

If you’re looking for something different in kids’ footwear, I would give Butler Boots a try!

*I was compensated with this product in order to conduct this review.


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