My Kids, The Church Guy, & "The Comment"

Have you ever had a moment (or moments in my case) that you wish you were a little quicker on your feet? You know, to be able to have the perfect comeback without even thinking about it? Yeah, well I recently had one of those and I’ve been kicking myself for it all week. Here goes…

I take my girls to church almost every week. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes they sing their own songs during the hymns and yes, my oldest even takes bows in the pews after the Alleluia. I stuff my diaper bag with books, goldfish, fruit snacks, sippy cups, and anything else that I can to keep them entertained and quiet for forty-five minutes. Although I think I’ve packed everything, I sometimes wish a bunny would pop out for those times when they just won’t keep quiet. Yes, I’ve even whipped out my phone and put a video on silent just to keep my two-year-old’s attention. Go ahead and judge, but don’t tell me you’ve never done the same. The three of us are quite the show when we are in church!

There have been plenty of times when they just don’t keep quiet no matter what. There have been plenty of times when I’ve left because I feel like they are just being too noisy. But, recently they were super quiet, so why do I feel so annoyed? Oh yeah, because of the guy who said, “Hey, your kids were quiet today” after holding the door for me because I had one child sleeping on my shoulder and the other holding on to my finger tips. Instead of asking “what do you mean?” All I said was, “yeah”. I walked away thinking to myself, are you implying my kids are devils every other time? Are you saying I can’t control my kids? What are you trying to say to me man who comes in late almost every week with no kids as an excuse? One kids was sleeping dude, so what do you expect!

Ugh. Maybe I’m letting it get to me too much. Okay, obviously I am because I’m blogging about it. But all I can think about is how rude! Instead of saying, “hey it’s great you bring the kids so young lady” or “I didn’t even know your kids were in church”. I don’t know. I would have been able to digest anything but what he said. Who knows, maybe he did mean it nicely and it just came out super awkward. I don’t know. I guess I never will.

What I do know is that I can’t wait until this weekend. If we do make mass, I think I am going to sit right behind where I know he sits every week and let my kids loose. Maybe I’ll let them eat a bowl full of Halloween candy and give them some goldfish and see where they swim and then let kids take their bows!

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